Tell the secret again

2021-04-29 20:08:38  作者:Photography

Let me tell you a little secret again , That is, as a person , Since birth , We must be good , Don't be harmful , If you always count on others , That's calculation to calculation to calculation , In the end, it's up to me .

And you have to be careful when you make friends , Don't talk to everyone , Whether you know it or not , Know not to know without reservation to analyze their own naked . Meeting good people like this , It's nothing , Meet those enigmatic people , I'll lose .

Besides, there is a kind of person with big eyes , The teeth are a little bit exposed , Black complexion ,( But it's not all black ), People who are skinny . First of all, he must have a bad stomach , Inversion of the body can also lead to a disease that is not easy to treat , Most of them are not stupid , therefore , Pay attention to diet , Drink less , Smoke less , Don't be too tired .