Zheng Xiaoqian the person who looks out is dreaming, the person who looks in is sober

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This era is developing very fast , New skills emerge every day 、 New ways to learn .

To avoid being eliminated , We're always after this , I started to learn that before I finished .

And even bought a lot of classes , Just to make up for the regret of not learning well in the last stage .

Jung once said : The person looking out is dreaming , Those who look inward are sober .

Want to stay awake all the time in life , Cultivate these six abilities early , It can make people walk less detours .

01 Breakthrough ability

Want to surpass others , The first thing to do is , It's about breaking through yourself .

Pictured , Before sorting out, you may feel that you have lived in the past , Not outstanding, not excellent , No sense of achievement .

But look at it after sorting out , The blue area and the red area , It's obviously the whole piece .

Break through yourself , Start by sorting out your past life .

02 Thinking ability

Thinking is not a complicated problem , You don't even need to know “ metacognitive ”“ The underlying logic ”“ Core essence ” What exactly do these words mean .

You don't have to learn complex models 、 Tools 、 Chart method .

Just when everything happens , Ask yourself : Why is that? ? also ? so what ?

The whole process is around why、what、how3 In terms of , Keep using “ Why ”“ And? ”“ so what ” Lead yourself to think .

03 Self help ability

In fact, most people study hard 、 Actively report lessons , It's self-help , But I still think “ He saved ”, I hope to save myself through this time .

Thinking about “ With little effort , You can get a quick return .”

Sometimes I don't understand ,“ People who were nice to themselves at the beginning , What's the matter , I don't want to talk about it ”.

It's not that people don't want to , I didn't want to .

In the past ta Not busy , Can reply ,ta Busy , I can't get back .

therefore , Even if you can't think of a good solution , With “ The draft ” Go for help , It's more important than empty handed , More popular .

If you want to enjoy the cool by the big tree , And don't be eager , The easy way to use it is one tree a year .

otherwise , No one will be able to save .

04 Frustration ability

Human life , There are so many bad times .

People who can't bear setbacks , It's all the past. It's so smooth .

A man with a strong heart , They all come out of one pit after another , gray 、 one 's sabre-rattling is getting louder and the smell of gunpowder thicker 、 the glint and flash of cold steel , It's no exaggeration .

When you don't care so much about face , When you don't care much about what other people think of you , Any more problems , Will not be afraid .

05 The ability to make decisions

No matter how you choose , There must be some consequence , Don't worry about “ In case …… What do I do ?”

It's more about asking yourself “ In case ……, What can I do ?”

If you think of it ABC None of the solutions worked very well , Then think about who can give DEF programme .

The decision is “ Make a decision , Want to 3 There are two possible consequences , And when there are different consequences , Maybe I can try what to do .”

Even if you think of a way , It still doesn't work , At least it tested that the road didn't work , I won't go this way again in the future .

A lot of times I don't dare to make a decision , It's not the inability to deal with the terrible consequences , It's about scaring yourself , I don't think I can .

Or , I didn't even think I could do it , There's only one sentence in my head “ What should I do ? What should I do ?”

I panicked first .

06 Resist temptation

The most terrible thing these days is “ I don't think I can in the future ”.

Those who can resist temptation , It's just that “ In the future , It's going to take a little bit of effort at most , But then what ?”

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