How lively! The mice are marrying their daughters

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In Chinese festival folk art ,“ rat ” It's an important cultural symbol , Its image can be seen everywhere . At first, people drove away rats and pestilence for good fortune , Later, the original folk custom of new year's festival mouse culture gradually evolved into praying for blessings 、 Paul 、 Long life 、 xi 、 The auspicious culture of wealth .

People compare mice with bats 、 Buddha hand 、 Peach-Shaped Mantou 、 Pomegranate 、 Sweet-scented osmanthus 、 Silver carp and other mascots together , Using homophony and symbolism , Created the lucky mouse 、 The spirit mouse makes spring 、 Lu rat Gao Jin 、 Longevity rat 、 The rat of wealth flourishes 、 Rui mouse Ding gui 、 The year of the rat is over 、 The paper cutting of the new year's rat culture, such as the return of the rat to his mother's home .

Whether it's New Year pictures 、 Paper cutting is still in the festival ,“ A mouse marries a girl ” There are many different stories about it . This not only implies the complex psychology of working people's fear and reverence for the rat , At the same time, it also expresses the folk mentality of praying for disaster avoidance and blessing .

Whenever the Spring Festival approaches , Putting up new year pictures or paper cutting has become a traditional custom of the Chinese people , This not only expresses people's good wishes for the Spring Festival , Added a lot of festive atmosphere . In a variety of New Year pictures or paper cuts , The most common is “ A mouse marries a girl ” 了 .

“ A mouse marries a girl ” There are lights and decorations in the picture , beating drums and blowing trumpets , A lively atmosphere . In the wedding guard , bridal sedan chair 、 Flags 、 lantern , And the drum band , Everything , It's like a grand occasion of marriage in the world . There are two mice in the Deacon team carrying “ be open and aboveboard ” Of the standard , highfalutin 、 Funny and cute . New Year pictures or paper cutting 、 Play Deacon 、 It's all in the shape of a rat , Only the bride and groom , It's different from place to place .

“ A mouse marries a girl ” Originally, it was a kind of folk rat worship activity , This kind of activity is popular all over the country , The dates vary from place to place . There are different forms of rat worship . People in the south of the Yangtze River , On the eve of the mouse's wedding , Every family wants sesame candy , It's said that this is a wedding candy for mice to get married . In the evening , The children will have candy 、 Pastry 、 The rice flower is placed where mice often pass by , And beat the lid 、 Dustpan and other utensils make up mice .

There are some places in Shaanxi , On the tenth night of the first lunar month , Every family goes to bed early , And sprinkle salt and rice in the corner , Be commonly called “ The mouse will pay for it ”. Some places in southern Jiangsu , The day the mouse marries her daughter , All day and all night , Tell the children not to make any noise , So as not to affect the team of mice getting married , And take off your shoes as a sedan chair for the mice to greet you , Peel the melon seeds 、 Peanut skin as a gift box .

“ A mouse marries a girl ” in , People put salt 、 Pastry 、 Candy is used to worship rats , It's hope and mice “ Peaceful coexistence ”; People don't light up 、 No noise , I don't want to be disturbed “ The mouse got married ” The team , lest “ You fight it all night , It bothers you for a year ”.

Of course , Some people think that , Rats are “ Son God ”,“ A rat marries a girl ” That is to say “ People marry women ”, It's people praying for early birth , As many children as mice . So in the oldest folk paper cutting “ A mouse marries a girl ” in , It's not the image of a rat sitting in the sedan chair , It's the God of human reproduction .

All in all ,“ A mouse marries a girl ” It was developed from the primitive totem worship , And in the process of transmission of a mutation and the formation of a collection , It has rich cultural connotation .

Welcome friends who like paper cutting + Focus on , Do fun handicrafts together , Inheriting intangible cultural heritage .

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