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To dissuade

Jiao Xiaoqiao

After a few spring rains , The mountains are becoming greener , When it's sunny , We're on our way to fitness again , Enjoy the fresh air of the natural oxygen bar . I haven't been walking for a long time , Not long ago , Just start sweating .

A large flock of sheep is grazing on the hillside , Not one winter , The wool on the sheep has been cut off , The lambs are round and strong , Running and foraging independently , The happy cry of the sheep , And the song of birds and pheasants , The mountains are full of vigor and vitality .

Two ewes meet by the road , Face to face , They jump up at the same time , And then run hard , Hit the horns hard . issue “ Clicking ”“ Clicking ” The sound of .

They are happy to be together, fighting again and again , No sneak attacks , It's very gentlemanly , The impact is getting louder and louder . The two sheep are shouting earnestly and persistently , Don't admit defeat , YueZhanYueYong , Every fight is synchronized , Quite tacit .

One, two, three , Jump up . One, two, three , run-up . One, two, three , To hit . Like this, , This energy , They're going to hurt each other . I can't help talking to two sheep :“ Stop fighting , Go up and eat grass , How fresh and tender the grass is !”

The two sheep are still fighting , Never slack off . Then came a bigger ewe , Between two sheep , It seems that he is here to make peace . But the two sheep still ignored , It's like being winded . It's no fun to persuade the sheep to fight , To the hillside .

In a moment , Another big ewe with beautiful horns came down , Come lovingly between the two sheep , Smiling face , He also motioned to let the ewe of the bucket stand see the harmonious and friendly companion on the hillside . It's like saying :“ Stop fighting , Look, my friends are eating grass , How nice :” The two sheep are still fighting tirelessly , It's getting a little stiff and mechanical .

I picked up a stick , While gently driving two sheep , I'm talking about it all the time .“ Go and eat grass , The sun is going down , It's time you went home , If you don't have enough , It's hard to be hungry at night !”

I don't know if the two sheep understand , I'm tired , They started running to the hillside , Several lambs ran to a ewe quickly , Calling intimately , It's supposed to be mom .

The other climbs up the hill alone . Maybe it's because no baby is jealous of the sheep , That's the challenge ?

There is a allegorical saying that sheep fight —— To the apex , It's about the fighting of sheep . I remember hearing about Zhao yuanxiu and others when I was a child 《 Qin Qiong's challenge 》 Jiuhui :“ Think of it , He just wanted to slip . I can't avoid it , They are a pair of goats , Head to head , How can you hide from goats and like to fight .”

The mouth of the sheep is not big enough , Teeth are not sharp teeth . It's smaller , It's not realistic to kick a bigger enemy . Hit your head with the right angle , Head butting should be the most effective way .

From time to time, the two sheep are colliding with each other , Sometimes they jump up and collide obliquely , Probably because head butts are the most effective . fight . The reason for the fight should be interesting , Or to show their own force , Or enhance your attractiveness , Or fight for the throne, fight for food, fight for spouse , Or just having nothing to do with each other .

Animals have their own rules and regulations , I also have my own way of communication , These two sheep are not very angry , It's supposed to be fun !