Sense of Art

2021-04-29 19:32:33  作者:Photography skills

The smell of art

Go to Yangmei with friends to get printmaking paper , Into the Academy of Fine Arts , See a lot of young students , outlandish costume , It's a landscape . It's forbidden to lock the door of the Academy , Take out is the courier outside the gate railings call students to pick up .

Enter the print studio , There is a strong artistic atmosphere , All the scenes are remembered , I saw a picture album of print Biennale on my desk , It's a quick look , Sorry to take a picture , Basically, I remember , Interest will help you remember , Too many pictures , You're going to assemble all kinds of compositions in your mind , It's like blind go , Any prop is flying in the air , Will be combined into any picture according to your wish .

Friends are busy , Stop the car and keep calling , I seemed to sleep in the car for a while , Thoughts drift far away , I'm thinking about the picture again , Now it's all about feeling , The trip to the Academy of fine arts triggers a lot of inspiration , Let him come a few ways , I'll go all the way , Concentrate superior forces to fight annihilation , The idea is based on cleverness , You are the only one for me in this multifarious world .

341《 No ask seton hall 》 Oil painting series 341 The smell of art 80X100cm,2021 year , Inner frame

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