Cut off the distractions, and be strong without desire

2021-04-29 18:51:14  作者:Photography

Confucius is a saint ? The world calls him “ Confucius .”, But isn't Confucius also a lifelong official career ! The desires of our mortals 、 Miscellaneous thoughts are even more strange , Complicated and changeable !

With bicycles , I want a motorcycle ; With motorcycles , Want a car ; With a car , Want a limousine ; The material desire can be satisfied at any moment or day !

Desire makes progress , No desire, no pursuit ! If the pursuit of their own material or emotional inappropriate , Desire, discontent . Controlling possessiveness disturbs your mind , unscrupulous . Often at this time experience is impetuous , Fear never lasts , Imagine that everything is not right , God has done himself a disservice !

To get rid of this torture , It's so hard to be blinding . Say not say , I can't do it !

One can be austere if he has no selfish desires , It's not that we don't have desires ! Our inner pursuit is pure , Don't hurt others , And don't beg . So what are you afraid of , Be frank , Don't worry about gain or loss !

Only reading makes me examine myself in desire , Calm yourself down , Look inside yourself ! Let yourself be strong without desire !