Hukou old street stores gradually become sparse

2021-04-29 18:33:43  作者:Photography

[ Qifan Qiwei class ]

I went to visit Pohu lake yesterday , After Hukou old street . In a hurry , Also because of their own laziness , I haven't been to this old street for two or three years .

Old street view

The old street in my mind . Bustling . There are many snack shops , The aroma of stir fried chestnuts and roasted sweet potatoes comes with the wind , People can't help but go forward and buy one or two catties to satisfy their hunger .

The arrogance of the shop assistants in the famous brand clothing stores on both sides of the street makes me dare not inquire about the price . Only those who are already rich and well-dressed go into the store with amorous steps , The smiling face of the shop assistant brightened up .

For example, I still go to Shichun department store to choose the right clothes . Shichun department store is inclusive . There are middle and low grade clothes, trousers, shoes and hats , It's much more easygoing and enthusiastic than the shopping guide in the famous brand store .

My friends and I like things of Shichun .

Passing through the old street this time , There's a sense of going the wrong way . Such a sparse shop, such a rare passenger flow, is still the old street in the past ?

I used to knit sweaters , I often go to the old street to buy wool . It's the street in front of Shichun shop, which leads to the shop beside Shizhong Mountain Gate , It's almost all wool , Sweater . see , Now the house is still in the shop , There's no one selling wool .

The wool shop is empty

The row of shops is dilapidated , No more operations . It's a picture of a dilapidated depression . It's going to be demolished ?

Go inside , Those noble bird stores , Talent clothing store , Don't be too smart for men's wardrobe. Hainan home ? It's all gone . My spring cow and I went to the Li Ning store for a stroll . He and I are the only ones who find customers .

The three shop assistants came up together . Compared with the service in the past, it is not a little better . but , What's the use ? We are just passing by this time , There's no plan to buy Shirts .

A glimpse of the old street

I see old streets like this , A little dumb . Chunniu said it's not surprising . Now business is going to new street . It's this side of the county . Taishan park area .

Supermarkets and restaurants , entertainment , Even the school moved to the new street . Rich people are looking for new development sites to buy houses and shops . The old street near the tourist belt is quiet without the bustle and noise , Looking at the mountains and the water is more peaceful and leisurely .

Changes in the old street , It's imperative . It's also a good game for urban planning to let merchants transfer to the center of the county . And this side makes the tourist scenery less noisy , Restore the tranquility and elegance of famous mountains , It's also excellent .

Then there is the popularity of online stores , Let many physical stores suffer unprecedented impact , Some of them just shut down , I'm going to be an online business ?

The times are progressing , The business model is constantly changing , The wheel of history will always crush some old things . We don't have to be sad . Change the old model into a better and more convenient trading model , It's a good thing .

The rise of online stores , Save time for people , Allow more time to do more valuable things , Let's travel when we buy daily necessities , To enjoy the pleasure of traveling , It's more profound .

Enjoy life , Parents and children , travel , read , entertainment . It's not all about saving shopping time ? therefore , Don't feel sad when there are fewer physical stores .

Only the pace of thinking keeps up with the changes of the times , So as not to be sad and lost . have a look , Now the old ladies who sell onion and ginger have a QR code around their necks , She has learned wechat payment , Let alone ?

Keep up with the pace of the times , Stride forward . There are fewer physical stores in the old street , But let go of the doubts in your heart , It's like falling in love with writing , In the past, I could only write a few hundred words with a pen and paper . Now the mobile phone writes, the computer writes , What a shortcut . Change your mindset and follow the tide , Live in the present , Enjoy life , Don't be too free and easy .

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