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2021-04-29 18:13:40  作者:Photography

Learn the law of simplicity , Will free up more time and energy for yourself . Especially in life 、 Work 、 Emotional aspect , Learning to give up will give you new nutrients to achieve yourself .

Before watching the video , It contains a classic of cognitive thinking : A glass of water , The longer you hold it, the more painful your arm is .

A professor filled a glass with water , Then take it and let the students guess , How much does this glass of water weigh ?

The students all gave their own answers , But the professor said : You mean weight , It doesn't matter with the weight of the glass of water , It depends on how long I stick with it . Hold on for a minute , Nothing happened ; For an hour , My arm starts to hurt ; I've been holding it all day , My arm will feel numb . There's no change in the weight of the cup , You hold it for a long time , It just makes you feel heavier .

Our life is like a glass of water , You can keep one color , You can also add a variety of colors ; You can just hold water , It can also be loaded according to the transaction size ; You can choose to put it down after drinking , You can also choose to drink it all the time .

There's no one to help you make a choice , You have to make your own choices . Be a person who knows how to put it down in time , Learn to do “ A wise man ”.

Collection of golden sentences

Thoreau once said :“ How rich a person is , In direct proportion to the number of things he can give up .”

O'Connor, an English logician, put forward a law of simplicity : There is no need to , Do not add entities. .

The meaning of friends , It's just a ride with you , When the relationship fades , Fate is gone , There's no point in trying to stay . Time saved , Leave it to yourself , And for those who deserve it .

The rhythm of the world is getting faster and faster , You don't have much time left with your friends , When there are too many people , You can't even tell , Who is more worthy .

《 The attacking giant 》 In the said :“ People who can't give up anything , Nothing will change .”

The process of getting better , It's just the constant formation of new habits , And in a new life , Get rid of the distractions first .

Human energy is limited , Just coping with the immediate pressure , No more energy , To every loss in the past , Every wound .

Career setbacks , Life is miserable , To forget is to be sober .

Don't compete with yourself , The world will be mild , All the mood , Only for the beauty ahead .

The essence of the law of simplicity , Is simple 、 Beneficial .

Cut off the complicated relationship , Give up useless things , Leave the wound of the past , You also put down the burden , Every step back , It's all easy .

Looking forward to full bloom