Today's awareness and correction (1)

2021-04-29 17:57:25  作者:Photography

perceive : Colleagues today F The drinking water in our unit is not clean , His family began to use tens of thousands of imported water purifiers more than ten years ago , I respond to “ Too much attention to the body, the worse the immunity ”, When you say it, you feel that you are in fact emotional “ resentment ”. On the one hand, this kind of emotion comes from the consistent view of him —— Love to show off 、 It's not reliable to talk and do things , The bigger reason is the unhappiness brought to me by a little thing at work yesterday . So I'm taking advantage of such a trivial matter , Let go of the emotions .

correct : One 、 There are no three ways to export good words : Is it real ? Is it necessary ? Is it compassionate ? Two 、 I am no different from others , I am someone else , The other person is me . He's my mirror , I see him showing off 、 unreliable , That is to say, I have the same quality in myself . 3、 ... and 、 I didn't notice and correct it in time yesterday , Face and deal with negative emotions correctly . I didn't distinguish my business from yesterday's business 、 Other people's business 、 For heaven's sake , In fact, I just need to take care of my own affairs . Four 、 I'm the source of all the problems , I am responsible for all the problems 100% responsibility . 5、 ... and 、 Everyone has a beautiful soul , It's just different , There is no right or wrong. .