Novice Xiaobai, how to get 100 Simple books quickly

2021-04-29 17:50:09  作者:Photography

Jane Shubei's reward comes to the account

Are you the same as me , I just started to join Jianshu , I keep writing every day , But it didn't work , Looking at the rise of one or two shells every day , I don't know when I can break 100 .

Today I'm going to teach you a quick way to get 100 The method of making simple books , That's going to the Jane Book producers' event .

The requirements are very simple. You can choose the articles you write in the short book , Save the screenshot and make it into a video , And then upload it to wechat 【 Video Number 】. As long as you mention the short book in the copy or video content , Of course, voice broadcast video can also be used to refer to simple books through voice .

tips: A copywriter must take the following three tag:/# Simple books /# writing /# literature , in addition , It must include the following tag in 2 And above :/# A novel /# The story /# Diary /# The poem /# Day watch

What about? , Is it simple , It's definitely better than you going to my story with Jane , The things that Nikkei taught me , It's much easier to do these activities , It's much easier .

Want to get... Quickly 100 Jane Shubei's friends might as well have a try