Do your own investment management

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Investing in others is better than investing in yourself , Own money , Take care of yourself , Build an investment management company of your own . Yes, of course , This investment management company is an unregistered company , It's just for the convenience of your own investment management , Set up an investment management operation mode for yourself .

Investment management company , First, raise investment funds , Second, determine the investment project , Third, project investment and research , Fourth, project implementation .

This is my investment management company .

One 、 Financing

There are various ways to raise investment funds , Own funds , Borrowing money , Shareholders take part in , As long as you want to do , There is nothing that cannot be done .

Two 、 investment projects

Investment index ETF, Mainly investing in stocks .

Choosing to speculate in stocks has 11 A reason :

  1. fair
  2. justice
  3. Open
  4. To save time
  5. worry
  6. Independent
  7. independent
  8. free
  9. Less investment, quick results

10. With the successful

11. When it comes to business 3、 ... and 、 Project investment and research

Professional things to professionals to do , Invite investment and research consultants .

Requirements of investment and Research Consultants :

More than one year's solid offer operation and past performance , Through the statistical analysis of its past performance , In a year period, all the underlying stocks are fixed , The superimposed profitability must reach 100 Point above , That is to say, the past performance has doubled .

Where can I find such a research team ?

Download and install a stock trading software , There are live broadcast platforms in stock trading software , Pay close attention to the big name anchor with many fans on the live broadcast platform .

How to evaluate the past performance of the investment research team ?

Watch the big name anchor who has paid more attention , Choose an anchor that suits your investment style , Buy his service pack , Then look back at his past trading performance in the service package , After statistical analysis of the data , Calculate his superimposed profitability over a one-year period , That is, the number of profit points .

If his cumulative profit points are 100 spot ( profit rate 100%) above , congratulations ! Pass the examination ! You can hire the investment research team of the anchor as your own investment research consultant , That is to buy his service package . Four 、 Project implementation

The implementation of the project needs a manipulator , Follow the instructions of your investment advisor , The specific implementation of Jiancang 、 Scale in 、 reduce one's position size 、 Clearance and other operations , That is, the allocation of capital positions .

The requirements of the operator :

  1. Must have strong executive power , Trading in full accordance with the instructions given by the investment advisers ;
  2. All the stocks recommended by the investment advisor must be allocated , You can't just choose a few stocks to allocate ;
  3. The amount of money is greater than 30 Ten thousand , It can be configured in half warehouse ; The amount of money is less than 30 ten thousand 、 Greater than 10 Ten thousand can be configured in full warehouse .

Below is my investment research consultant's band operation of high throwing and low absorbing :

Do your own investment management , are you ready ?

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