Walking stone (18 kinds of flowers)

2021-04-29 17:13:36  作者:Photography

I haven't planted flowers before , I don't know how to get the seeds and start to tumble , It changes every day. I'm very happy , The lotus seeds really germinated , It was as hard as stone when I bought it , Soaking in muddy water, he exploded , A little bit of green shoots came out of one end , Gradually the green buds burst the hard shell , With plenty of sunshine and water, the green buds grow longer and longer , Until it's out of the water , Breathe the air .

This is a lotus , Well, you can see real lotus every day , It must be beautiful to have flowers !

This one looks like a chrysanthemum when it grows out , I don't know what it will look like , The vitality is very strong, and one kind will live , Chrysanthemum is also a true gentleman , There are many kinds of flowers, full and bright .

The name sounds nice , The beauty of ice island , Just be coquettish , The buds are so small , Long and dense and weak , But I heard the flowers are beautiful , Look forward to it , I hope it will blossom under my careful care .

Maybe it's a little hope for life , Work fast every day 、 mechanical , Now and then, hope to have fun , It's a kind of enjoyment , Accompany Hua'er for a journey , Appreciate each other !

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