Learning life from Zeng Guofan

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It's very desolate recently , It's boring to do anything , After a long time, people are also scattered . I heard Zeng Guofan's biography today , It's still very emotional . Zeng Shuai is not the smartest , Not the most talented , But he is the most humble , Someone with a heart of constancy, she said ,“ Mortals do one thing , You have to pay attention to this matter , Unremitting . I can't see the change of thinking , Do this , Like that , Sit on this mountain , Look at the mountain . People are not constant , Nothing in life .”

He also said that ,“ I have made progress in my life , It's all in humiliation . Be sure to grit your teeth and encourage yourself , Accumulate Qi and grow wisdom , It should not be discouraged in vain . When the grades are all over the world , There is only a way to be submissive , I'm still sorry , It's just a hard word formula . There are times when everything is extremely difficult , It makes sense , They are heroes .”

In addition, he will have his own homework every day , Although very busy , I also need today's lesson , Make up today instead of yesterday's delay , Don't do things tomorrow but do them today .

It's really rare . A sea of people , There are a few people who can do this , Don't be discouraged . I'm a learning person , We can't have a permanent ambition , I'm often discouraged , Shortness of breath and shortness of breath . There is no meaning in life , Every day is like sand , People who have no ambition have no spirit .

I also have daily homework , But it just can't be done , Actually, I'm not very busy . Don't do it when you have time . Zeng Shuai said that there is no great achievement in one's life , There are two reasons for failure in life : Pride and laziness .

I feel great , Much higher than others , So there's no need to work harder . Because of laziness , So don't try . Zeng Guofan's health was very bad all his life , He can do so many things in that situation , So many victories , A lifetime of writing 2000 Ten thousand words 、 letter , I really have to say that diligence is the best in the world .

He has no talent , Not as smart as anyone else , So he took the stupid way of stupid people , Make a strong camp fight a foolish battle , Life is better than diligence . There's self reflection every day , Finish today's homework every day , Watch it every day 、 Think hard 、 Write frequently 、 Speak frequently . So in the end, he made such a great achievement .

Zeng Guofan started his life transition at the age of 30 , Change the previous only for their own fame and wealth , The idea of glorifying our ancestors , Start learning to be a saint , Be the filial son of your parents , I think that my brothers are the forerunners . If one is truly committed to self-improvement , His ability can be increased tenfold , Knowledge can be ten times better , The mind can expand ten times , Temperament can be ten times purer .

Stupid people , You can hone yourself , You can see through , Stand firm , Say it , You can do it . Floating people can also become as clear as the moon . Paranoid people , You can also be open-minded , neither show arrogance nor sing one 's own praises .

4 The month is coming to an end , This month I read 1 An article , Almost no input , So it's always empty inside . Although I've heard a lot of articles , But it doesn't feel deep , It's not as sobering as reading a paper book . No reading this month , I didn't do my daily homework , Not working with kids every day . It's really nothing .

A good day makes a good week , A good week can lead to a good month , A good month can lead to a good year , After a good year, we can have a good life 7 year . Seven years is a lifetime . So return to every day , What I can control every day is the morning , Afternoon and evening . Work in the morning , Reading in the afternoon , Grow up with your kids at night , I'm a kid, too .

This process requires diligence , Finish your homework every day , Three tomatoes in the morning , Three tomatoes in the afternoon , Three tomatoes in the evening . Pick this in one day 10 I finished my task with a tomato .

I hope from today on ,“ Stand up for heaven and earth , Make a living for the people , To continue learning for the sake of holiness , Open peace for all ”, I can't be determined , I can only make up my mind .

Stand up for heaven and earth , Eternal as the channel of heaven's conscience , Let justice pass through me to the people around me ;

Make a living for the people , There are so many people who are outside the confused spiritual world , I can be a knowledge Porter , Let more people make up the calcium of spirit through my words , Let more people's hearts settle down again , Know how to live in this world .

To continue learning for the sake of holiness , I don't have a lot of talent in my writing , There's not enough wisdom , But I can make it up with diligence , Zeng Gong wrote all his life 2000 Ten thousand words , I also want to set a goal for myself : Live to 99 year , leave 2000 Ten thousand words . I hope my words are warm and have a soul , It can make all the readers feel the charm of Chinese people .

Open peace for all , My job happens to be to be a community of shared destiny for mankind , Maintaining world peace and development , I hope I can make some contribution to it .

Everything , Every man has a very difficult time , It makes sense , They are heroes . Doing things like this , Being a human being is also .

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