How to form a good habit

2021-04-29 14:41:38  作者:Photography

Do you believe that? ? You are the product of your habits .

Here's a special soul chicken soup algorithm ,1.01 Of 365 Power , and 0.99 Of 365 What's the secondary variance ? If you can improve every day 1%, So after a year , The result is 37.78, But if you're poor every day 1%,0.99, So the cumulative result of one year is 0.03. In life , Most of us overestimate the decisive moment , And underestimate the small improvements every day , Ignoring the importance of micro habits .

habit , Including good habits and bad habits . If it's a good habit, it will make you , It's completely different , Get better , Bad habits can make you worse , That's what compound interest does , Good habits are the compound interest of self-improvement .

that , How to form a good habit ? We all know that a good habit is to delay gratification , It's like reading , writing , It's hard to see the effect of fitness in the short term , The bad habit is to be satisfied in time , It's like you brush the video , Play the game , Reading novels can make you feel relaxed and happy in the moment . As the saying goes , Change is painful , You can't afford to study , Then you can only eat the bitterness of life .

Here's a little trick to form a good habit , That is, you can set your goal to a two minute rule , That is to condense the goal into a sense of ritual . for instance , such as , You want to keep running every day , But you're lazy , lazy , Too lazy to go , You can change your clothes today , Change your running shoes , Go out and run 2 I'll be back in a minute , that , Did you exercise today ? The answer is yes , Because no matter how bad you insist , Better than giving up easily . And so on , Every day 2 minute , Time is long. , Maybe at that time, you will take the initiative to extend your daily running time .

I Believe , Every day 2 It's not hard for a minute , Just brush your teeth . If you don't even have a day 2 I don't want to stick to a small habit for more than 20 minutes , Then the goal you set cannot be called a goal .

You know what? , Once you develop a new habit , It will bring about a series of habit changes . And these habits don't simply stack up , They will compound . Compounding means , It's not about addition , It may be similar to the relationship of Liancheng , It's going to stack one by one , And then there's a compound effect , Make a radical change in your life .

The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago , The second is now . Don't give yourself so many reasons and excuses every day , Tomorrow is tomorrow , How many tomorrow . Change from now on , Let good habits reshape your work and life .