Every lovely and tender moment is worth recording

2021-04-29 14:30:58  作者:Photography

Every lovely and tender moment is worth recording , Because maybe one day I'll forget .


I remember when my husband and I first met , He asked me to sit on a chair in the park with him and listen to books with him . I thought , What about heaven? , The first date between a man and a girl is sitting in the park listening to a book , Ha ha ha .


Not long ago, because of the stone , Afraid of surgery , I'm so anxious . He said, baby, don't be afraid , When the time comes, mom and Dad ( My parents in law ) And our babies with them , I said, why do you have to take it all with you , He said to give me courage , Cheer me on . This made me laugh at the co pilot , I think my husband is too cute , I need the whole family to cheer me up .


Every time my husband does something wrong that my parents in law say , I'll follow him , After that, he would tell me with a little grievance " You just bullied me with mom and dad ." Ha ha ha , Don't bully you , Who are you bullying .


Once I had a fight with my husband , I'm very angry with him , I don't want to talk to him , My mother-in-law came to comfort me and said that he still loved you very much , You had a baby that day , He cried outside the delivery room . When I heard that, my anger soon subsided , Just tease him and say , I heard that someone cried when I had a baby , He said " I didn't cry , I don't have time to play games ." Ha ha ha , That's the hard talk , It's just so proud .


The day the baby was born , I was alone in the delivery room, and I was in pain and fear , Just call him , But it was taken away in a few minutes , Because I was told that cell phones can't be used in the delivery room . But what I didn't expect was that not long after that, the little sister of the nurse came in and said to me " This is a note from your husband , He told you not to be afraid , Come on ." Well , Hear these words , Looking at my husband's note, I feel very happy , It's reassuring .


I said husband, I'm not going to work now , Take care of children at home every day , No income , I also want to feel the feeling of getting paid every month . I didn't expect him to say " The husband will pay you half of his monthly salary , Half to supplement the family " Ha ha ha , I said that I would use my salary as private money .

I still remember when my husband and I went to the park and asked me "1+1=2,2+2=4,3+3=6,4+4=7, What did you find ?" My first reaction, of course, was 4+4=7 ah , He said no , Let me think about it again , And then I went all out to the law of equality , Wait, wait , Anyway, I think about all the things I can rely on in mathematics , It turned out that there was nothing to do .

Later he said you only found 4+4=7 It's wrong. , But I didn't find the front 3 Are they all right . That's what I realized , Yeah , We are not all like this in our life , Always pay attention to daily necessities , But forget to see what you have , Most of the time, I don't know how to cherish , Will always feel unhappy .

Try to record those warm moments , After all, daily necessities are daily , Coco love is a moment .