A day in Jiangkou

2021-04-29 13:58:04  作者:Life journey

I just came to Jiangkou a few days ago , I'm not familiar with daily affairs , It takes a process of adaptation and adjustment , So one day there was no more everyday writing . I'm finally a little free today , So I went on writing .

My job in Jiangkou is to excavate the graveyard , This includes up to the Warring States period , All kinds of brick chambered tombs in Ming and Qing Dynasties , Stone chamber tomb , Earth pit tomb , There are also various types of relics . It's a good exercise for my exploring skills . therefore , It was only a day of excavation , Looking for the tomb boundary 、 Excavation of tombs and other aspects have been greatly improved . Of course , Now I am still a primary school student , I will continue to study hard in the future .

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