Handmade small kite Brooch

2021-04-29 13:57:45  作者:Photography skills

Today I'd like to share with you a new kite from my childhood —— Brooch

In order to make this brooch, I've been a bit possessed these two days , I have a bad headache , This is from a few days ago , I leaned at the head of the bed and suddenly got inspiration, so I began to write , So there's this random manuscript

Because it's smaller , There are many problems in practice , A lot of techniques are limited , A lot of work has been done on color matching , Want to make a traditional color , So I collected a lot of material

Based on these materials , I made some adjustments, so I used a gradient blue system , green , yellow , Orange is more Oriental .

In fact, it's been a long time since the beginning of the tone change

It turns out to be this color system , It's because the green embroidery is not very good, and the yellow and silver embroidery lines are added into it , Finally, it shows that

In the end, I was still not very satisfied , But because it is made of silk, the bottom is too thin to be removed repeatedly , It can only be done this way . The work is not satisfactory , But after all, it's his own , Beauty and ugliness should be treated well , Details or hope to do as much as possible, and finally with millet beads one by one edge .

Does this one have an old mother's hand .

I've been a little bit negative lately , do not know why , I always feel that I'm not satisfied with my work , Always push yourself forward . At night, my best friend heard that I was not in good condition , Ask me to have dinner with her tomorrow , Ten more pairs of wedding shoes were ordered yesterday , The materials will be ready tomorrow , I guess I'll have to wait until I'm done . Maybe that's how I grew up , I don't want to change my personality , You can only make yourself stronger , Since I came back home, I have partners who want to cooperate with me , But if you are too commercial, you don't want to cooperate , Just bumping and walking slowly ! I've talked about a lot of negative emotions today , Thank you for seeing here , I'm not the perfect Shou Yi that you think , Sometimes I get confused , You'll lose, too …… The same or continue to do , But you can allow yourself to slow down .

Last time, my friend's doctor calculated the astrolabe with some of our friends …… Ha ha, actually I don't believe in this ! But it doesn't hurt to listen , He said 36 I won't be happy until I'm old ,36 There's a turning point at the age of ,55 When you reach the peak of your life, you may go out for further study again , I can't be trapped in my hometown , If you count it like this 36 When I was 20 years old, I should be my little man ( The name of my future child ) You don't have to rely on my life . So at least in the past six years, no matter what setbacks I have encountered, I have to stick to it to see if this astrolabe is accurate ! Anyway, I hope I can always keep my original heart , We're going all the way .

Recently, I was pressed by my family to give birth to Xiaoman , A few days ago, I was taken by my family to take care of my body with traditional Chinese medicine . I always feel that my work is not stable , My family asked me what stability is , Yeah ! What is stability …… It may still depend on psychological stability , Can have a stable state of mind .

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