Camellia series accessories

2021-04-29 13:57:23  作者:Photography skills

When it comes to camellia, we have to introduce camellia , Camellia blossom in late winter and early spring , Dignified and holy , Camellia flowers are gorgeous and prosperous , Unique elegance . It is said that camellia is in the fall , Not in clusters, but in petals , Until the end of life , So patient and elegant . No wonder international brands like Chanel regard it as the flower of their own brands , Lady Chanel is as elegant as camellia .

Today I'm going to share with you the camellia series.

I've always wanted to do a series on mother and daughter , This series uses Camellia as the theme of the design series , Camellia Earrings designed for mother , Camellia head rope designed for daughter , Add the previous design of Camellia hairpin, the whole can become a big series .

Of course, the color can also be changed. Let's take a look at white

Camellia Earrings

Is it beautiful, too ? Individuals may prefer white , White is transparent and pure , But Chinese traditional colors may be more taboo white as a flower …… In this design, I added golden stamens and a Swarovski crystal as embellishment , Make Camellia look more smart .

Of course, if you are a girl, you can also choose pink or purple, which are more suitable for summer . It's perfect for a holiday with a skirt .

Recently, the design of this little Camellia was also used in the wedding shoes , I ordered ten pairs over there, and I've been working on them these days , I won't share the style of shoes with you because it hasn't been on the market yet , But I can share with you what the whole Camellia looks like ?

Let's look at the material details

8mm Bowl shaped imported sequins ,5mm Swarovski Crystal , Small golden stamen , Gold bottom 10mm, Basically, these small materials become our small camellia , Is the power of handwork amazing ?

Today I would like to share with you , Looking up, I can't believe it's still there 800 word , In that case, let's give you a little benefit ! It's also the latest new work, Xiaohua earrings

This design can be said to be a casual small design

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