American sculptors use bones to create works of art, which is an exquisite bone carving art

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American sculptor Jennifer • Trask (Jennifer Trask) Use your own dexterity , It turns animal bones into exquisite works of art , These works of art are beautiful in appearance 、 exercise one's inventive mind , Feast for the eyes .

Jennifer's carefully carved bones all look white , Including a wearable pendant 、 The necklace 、 Brooch, etc , Works of art are usually carved with lifelike branches or vines , It is often decorated with gold lace with a retro style .

Jennifer is a well deserved sculptor , But it's also not easy for her to make hard bones into exquisite and complex works of art . Jennifer said , Before carving , She had to soak the animal bones in vinegar , Make it soft before you start carving .

Jennifer's works are very realistic , If If the appearance is not white , These handicrafts are enough to confuse the real with the fake . She said :“ The key to lifelike work , That is, the creator must observe carefully at ordinary times . My creative inspiration came from dissecting animals and plants , From macroscopic observation to microscopic observation , This process will greatly stimulate our imagination .”

When asked why they chose animal bones as the materials of handicrafts , Jennifer said frankly :“ As The ultimate expression of the body's senses and emotions , Bone is the essence of every living body . Bones evolve like cells , And then die , Condenses the whole course of our lives , Speechless tells the unique story of every living body , That's why I chose bones as the raw material for crafts .”

Selected works

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