How to do live broadcast with goods

2021-04-29 13:28:12  作者:Photography

Live delivery is very good , Per cent 90 Our team specializes in running the team , The heat of field control and live broadcasting . The new data :95% It's not live 1000 people . The problem of ordinary people's live broadcasting has always existed : No one was watching it in the studio , And online users always keep the number of single digits . If you want to make a big deal , Cloud control software is crucial . Learn about cloud control (x4390986)

Why do you need a short video intelligent assistant system to carry goods in real time ? There are three reasons .

  1. Natural traffic doesn't guarantee online users in live streaming
  2. Consumption needs environmental support
  3. Customer interaction can't keep up with
  4. Relying on natural flow , There are very few people on the air .

Live broadcast around us , Just ask , There are a lot of fans , Even thousands of fans , But after the live broadcast , There are very few online users . In the early days of live broadcasting , Most people pull in relatives and friends , But they can't ask for help every time . Cloud control system can solve this problem .

for example , If you use 100 A cloud control device , Then every cell phone uses 1 Sign in with a short video account , Every mobile phone is equipped with a cloud controller Software , You have 100 A loyal fan , Whenever the live broadcast starts , will 100 A real online user interacts with you in real time . This solves the problem of unstable natural flow in live broadcast .

  1. The consumption of live broadcasting room needs to highlight the environment .

for example , When we shop in the mall , No one in the shop , The other is crowded . Do you think ? It has to be a place full of people , Otherwise, there won't be so many people asking for quotations , Ask questions, etc . When consumers are ready to order , If someone tells him what he's worried about , Customer service can also help him solve problems , Then those who are willing to buy will order as soon as possible .

  1. Customer interaction can't keep up with .

It's especially important to be an entertainment anchor . In the live , You need to be rewarded all the time , You need to interact with these rewards . therefore , The software can now replace people and automatically focus on those who hit the list .

As a real-time delivery tool of artificial intelligence , Can achieve the current short video cloud control software : help 95% Small and medium-sized on-site rooms , Rapidly increasing live streaming , Then drive the sales .