Beautiful city, my home

2021-04-29 13:24:06  作者:Life journey

Early in the morning , The charm of the sun is strong , It especially likes to dress up beautiful . red , It's warm , A little bit more charming, just like its powdered cheek .

The sun likes to shine on the buttocks of the bedridden people through the window , It also likes to draw pictures of tall buildings . It's naughty sometimes , He threw a golden light on the green leaves , Beside the street , Between buildings , It's like the skirt of this city , Playing in the wind .

People come out of the pigeon cage one after another , Walking around, swimming in the West , Rush to work , Morning exercise is a good way to keep fit , Basket peddler , Push the cart to catch the morning market …… It's crowded back and forth in the disordered crowd , I can't see whose level , It's all about food and clothing , I want to live a long and happy life .

road , cyan , Red in the purple of the sun , A cleaner just spilled water , The whole sky is clear and clear after the rain , Fresh air , The city breathes freely .

Walk in this street , Facing the touch of the sun , The gods are clear and happy , It's so cool and cozy .

vehicle , One by one , The symbol of modern life civilization , It's a perfect view .

ah , My breath , My destiny , My life ! Beautiful city, my home ……

A mortal star , Rise , Like the sun , Light will never fall .

Beautiful home, happy life .

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