The body is still on the work station, and the heart has been flying to the seaside.

2021-04-29 12:47:57  作者:Life journey

today , Now? , From the holidays and 5 Hours .

All morning , I can't say I'm completely absent-minded , It can only be said that fish in troubled waters , Because I don't care about the samples , So it doesn't matter to me when the guests come , Focus on the station , Play with the smarthphone , Just look at the mail , That's it .

May day plan , It was done yesterday , I bought the ticket a few days ago , The hotels are all reserved , Just waiting for the time to get off work , Pick up, pick up , You can go out .

This journey , It should have been last year 12 The first tour after may , Not for a long time , But I'm glad I don't have to go to work .

The sea , The sea ~~~

Just a little more time .

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