Glory of labor and long live youth

2021-04-29 12:37:48  作者:Photography

Every May Day 、 May 4th is coming , Can't help but think of “ Labor is glorious • Long live youth ” These eight words .

May 1st International Labor Day , Working people's festivals , Land is the mother of wealth , Labor is the father of wealth .

It's just that the mother of wealth is not just land , And intellectual property and other fields , Especially in the era of information intelligence .

The years are full of love

Long live youth , The song of youth , Youth is not just adolescence , In essence, it is a kind of youth mentality and struggle spirit .

Youth burns like fire , The years are surging like water . The years of passion are youth , Make progress while maintaining stability, and the steady state is even more youthful !

Adolescence has passed , Youth will last forever !

The years are full of love

look , The arrogance of the old lady ! Workers are glorious , Long live the youth !

A lazy life produces all kinds of diseases , Sorrow is greater than death , As long as the heart doesn't die , Mentality is always young , You have to work all your life , It's not just physical work , What's more, it's mental creation !

Labor is glorious ! Long live youth !

I wish you may day 、 Happy May Fourth Festival !