Wedding Record: time is quiet and good

2021-04-29 12:27:52  作者:Photography


On Tuesday morning after taking the kids home , Just finished washing , Get dad , He and his mother were at his brother's house , Let me go and help with the cleaning .

Start at once , Give full play to my strong points , Clean their messy kitchen clean , And then mop the floor , Clean up the living room . I'll go home after picking up the children in the afternoon , Let Dabao do his homework , There's a mission in the evening .

I was supposed to make my bed , Later he said to let the men's shop , The two brothers in law bear the heavy responsibility . When it comes to making a bed, I think of when I got married , It's from the cousin of black brother's family , The advantage , Put their quilts all over it , Our family is under pressure , The older generation said that the one whose family is on the top will be oppressed by the one who gets married .

Forget who taught me on our side , Take a little of the quilt off their house , Sitting on our quilt , Can crack some . There's no , Mom teased me that I have not been held down these years ! laughing out loud , It doesn't matter ! Who has the ability and who gets on , If you can manage it ! Your daughter doesn't care , I don't worry about it .

This time we make the bed , The initiative is in our hands . Two brothers-in-law of course put our family's quilt on it , The pillows are pressed down . Black brother said to his brother with a smile :“ brother , We can only help you here !”

Mom let the little skinned egg get out of bed , Dabao told me on the way that he also wanted to go away , I'm sure it won't roll this time ! Ha ha ha ! Professional roller bed for several years ! So the brothers roll together , Mom cooked two eggs, dyed them red and hid them under the pillow for the children to look for , Meaning early birth ? Should be .


See excited sister-in-law early in the morning sent a small video , A choking voice :“ Thank you for letting me marry the best of you , Please keep that in mind , Remember what I look like today , Remember how I became your wife in white today ……”

My parents in law take the bus at 4:20 in the morning , It's six thirty at the station not far from our home , Heige picked it up , I came back and bought breakfast .

Let the two boys change after eating , Little skinned egg has a heavy responsibility , You can't be careless !

Heige is the housekeeper , Take the first step , Go to the hotel and arrange , I took my mother-in-law and two children to leave at 8:30 .

Call Er Ya and say it's not ready yet , Let's go first . The hotel is easy to find , My parents left home and went to the hotel before six o'clock .

Smelly skinned eggs are not good at all , Except for the moment of truth “ Give me a ring ” Time is worth noting , Most of the rest of the time in the skin , Not obedient .

When people are happy, they feel refreshed ! My mother has been worrying about and catching a cold these days , Happy mother-in-law's special spirit on the wedding day .

Responding to the call of my sister-in-law's mother , To give her daughter a wonderful wedding she will never forget , My younger brother is also fighting , The wedding car went to Rolls Royce , Four best men, four bridesmaids , There are only three or four cameramen , Changed several sets of clothes, all kinds of flapping ……

A beautiful bride with a beautiful smile —— Welcome to our big family !

11:08 , The wedding officially begins . After the Emcee's opening remarks , My brother's singing , From behind the scenes , Waving to the scene with a bunch of red roses , Affectionately , Cool and handsome , There were cheers , Applause thunderous !

Whether it's at family gatherings 《 Green flowers in the army 》, Or at Erya's wedding 《 Here you are 》, Never let us down .

A song by Tao Zhe 《 Just love you 》, It's being circled again ! On magnetic voice , On touching people's hearts , I only take Dakang .

The couple expressed their deep feelings , Listen to my brother's choking voice , The old sister also wet her eyes ……

“ The wife , I can meet you in my life , It's a blessing that I've used my luck for ten years ! Starting today , I'm not alone anymore , We have a home , I can't guarantee how luxurious it is , But please believe me , I will always love you , Always guarding you , Run our small home well , So that all our relatives, friends and elders can witness our wonderful life , Witness our small family grow up , It's the biggest responsibility of my life , That's what I need to do most . The wife , I love you! !”

“ Dear Mr. Wang , I'm really happy today , To stand by your side and be your bride . Before I met you , I think it's far away for me to get married . Until I met you , I just know how safe it is to be preferred , Every detail will make me sweet . Whether the future is poetry or distance , Or the ups and downs of life , I just want to grow old gracefully with you , Time is quiet , Speak with you ; Fine current year , With you ; Bustling down , Old with you ……”

Here you are ——

He will be your bridegroom

From now on, he will be your life companion

Everything about him will be closely related to you

Happiness and misfortune should be the same

She will be your bride

She's someone else's heart in your hands

You're going to take care of your whole life

Share both bitterness and happiness

It must be a special fate

Can come all the way to become a family

How much he loves you

You give him a little more

Looking for the possibility of happiness

No longer a person

Think about us all the time

You paid a little bit

Love is perfect

Haohao's cousin, whose third aunt's family is an armed police officer in Shanghai, and Xiaoshuang's cousin, whose fourth aunt's family is a university student , Can't be there , All sent video blessing , It's very touching , All grown up !

Finally, it's time for both parents to show up ——

Looking at my mother and beautiful aunt in law hand in hand , Tears filled my eyes with excitement !

The couple changed their mouth with tea , My parents give me red envelopes . There's a little interlude in the middle , My brother's name is “ Dad drinks tea ” when , The next guys who can make a lot of noise go up , In chorus “ Ah !” Come on stage , Each hand in a red envelope .

Finally, in the paper plane, the wedding ended successfully , Take a group photo of your family and friends . Not many relatives and friends go to the bride's house , They make an appointment ahead of time . We have a strong squad on our side !

Just our little family , There are four members in our family , There are three people in Erya's family ( And one in the stomach ), The younger brother and his wife , Mom and Dad , It's quite shocking . Grandma's aunts, uncles, cousins, cousins , A big family full of people !

Mom's home , All the four uncles were present , It's also a big family .

My parents finally have a big worry , You can have a good rest , Next, we'll wait to have grandchildren !

ring bearer

A little rehearsal in advance , The relevant personnel told us and the two children about the process , It's simple , Pipi took the man's wedding ring and gave it to his aunt , Youyou takes the lady's wedding ring to his uncle , Then the new couple put on each other .

Slow down the whole journey , Make sure the ring is safe , Watch the steps . Very smoothly , Youyou cried at the end of the game , Er Ya chatted with her at night and asked why she wanted to cry , She said that she was moved by the MC's words , My God, this little girl's feelings are too delicate !

Tell me about the clothes that little skinny is wearing , My brother-in-law said it looked a little familiar , It's not familiar !

It's a fantastic little suit !

Six years ago , Dabao wears it to be a flower boy for his aunt ;

yesterday , Xiao Bao wears it to be a flower boy for his uncle .

And I'm , First of all, my elder sister, who has been for more than 30 years, became a great aunt 、 Aunt , Now I'm a big sister again , It may not be long , And become an aunt , I'm so excited !

Sister and brother who love each other ! Youyou said Pipi was her boyfriend , She's a little princess , Pippi is the little prince , I married Pipi when I grew up . Ha ha ha !

May you grow up healthy and happy !

Big housekeeper

Special thanks to brother black , Our housekeeper ! hard ! A banquet of nearly 30 tables , From cigarettes to drinks , From arranging tables to coordinating major and minor events , Heige did very well !

Run before and after , Everyone is seated , He's also focused on all kinds of things , After my brother's wedding , I have to go to the company to accompany customers in the evening , hard ! We'll have more tonight !