Decoration I

2021-04-29 12:06:13  作者:Life journey

Years ago, after I was promoted to a charterer , At the end of February of the Gregorian calendar, he began to undertake the task of decoration .

Decoration is a big and complicated project , If you start with simple or hardcover delivery is OK , Easy to clean up , We have all the necessary furniture , Take the bag and live . Even with a slight change , The big picture is set , New houses are rarely rebuilt .

The pain lies in the blank room , Shovel the roof 、 Smash the wall 、 Package flue 、 Take water and electricity 、 Floor heating 、 It's waterproof 、 Test water and pressure 、 Make the floor 、 Lay the floor 、 Paint the wall 、 Make the ceiling 、 Bag the door pocket 、 Custom kitchen and wardrobe 、 Buy Bathroom and kitchenware 、 Buy Curtain furniture …… Plus countless cleaning , It's extremely complicated !

Logically speaking , Professional things should be done by professional people . Decoration should go to decoration company , But it is of no damn use , Most decoration companies are just leather bag companies , Except for the office space , Design Outsourcing , All kinds of small-scale outsourcing , In addition to docking decoration company's deception , But also docking with the small workers , There are lots of holes !

In order to save money, invest cost , Decided to hold a family meeting , Discuss the whole process of decoration progress .

Start with the decoration of two rental houses , The basic pattern remains unchanged , Save the process of smashing the wall . Digging the roof is the responsibility of Bao PA and Lao Zi working overtime at night .

Buy two barrels of waterproof paint , Buy the materials together , The old man learns by watching videos , I'm afraid it won't work , Twice more , And then test the water for a week , No leakage , Pass the property acceptance .

The old man is still in charge of the water and electricity pipelines , Old water electrician . Although the craftsmanship is meticulous, it's not as good as the professional one , At least, I've been a teacher in dozens of districts . Not lean , We only need to control the pipeline material , The internal wiring should be regular , For the convenience of later investigation .

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