Cruise across the Pohu Lake

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[ Qifan Qiwei class ]


Out of the gate of Shizhong mountain , On the cruise ship with tickets . Ready to go to shoshan .

On the deck of a cruise ship , The tourists are very excited . Busy taking pictures , The lake is wide and the water is shining in the sunshine . Boats travel on the lake . Tourists speak excited words with different accents .

" The scenery here is so beautiful !"

" wow ! There's fishing on the shore ."

" The lake is glittering with gold ……"

The cruise ship can accommodate a hundred people . There are about 3 A tour group , Because you see it 3 Young tour guides with earphones are telling the tourists what to pay attention to when taking a boat . I asked people with different accents about Chongqing , fujian , Guangzhou 3 A team . Poyang Lake is famous for thousands of miles .

Most people come here to see the colorful scenery of the river and lake .

The boat leaped across the lake

I asked the tour guide how to form the two colors of the river and the lake ? She was busy answering questions from her group of tourists , Just a little bit and I said it was two different colors and together, that's it .

I'm noncommittal and a little reluctant , I asked an elder around me , answer : The muddy water of the Yangtze River comes from the West , The clear water of Poyang Lake flows south , At the foot of Shizhong mountain, it converges to form the Jingwei river . I agree with that .

There is a shoe mountain on the opposite side of the boat to the central part of the half lake , On the right is Dayan Mountain National Forest Park . And the corresponding lake has a piece of green land , There are red and white painted Posts not far before the green plants . The guide said that this is the boundary sign of the river and the lake .

We look at the lake in the direction we're pointing . Sure enough, there is a clear line , The color is distinct, and the long line of fire waves meanders away , To the foot of the mountain . People cheered and took pictures as a memento . I want to bring this spectacle back to share with my friends .

The two colors of the river and the lake

But if the photo element of mobile phone is not high, you can't get a very clear interface . Or maybe it's too close , but , It's clear to the naked eye . The elder next to him said that his friend last year 7 The images taken in this month are clear. They are aerial . There are also small helicopter aerial photos .

I see . Of course, some people brought high-resolution cameras, and the pictures they captured were different from those I took .

Get out of the cabin to the deck , The deck is already full of tourists , Posing for photos , Video shoot . A five-star red flag was put in the stern of the ship , Someone took a picture with the flag as the background and the vast scenery of the lake as the background .

See a little couple have put into " Titanic " The couple are taking photos with their wings outstretched . People are so intoxicated with the scenery .

Such a high sky , Such a vast river , Such a grand Cruise . The sound and laughter of the cruise ship are endless . But I think of the great talent Bai Juyi 《 pipa 》 Come on .

The sound of the dark asked the bomber who , The pipa stops talking .

Move ship near invite to meet , Refill the lamp to reopen the feast .

Come out , You cover your face with a lute .

Three or two twists on the shaft , There is love before music .

String string cover suppress sound think , It's like telling me that I have no ambition in my life .

The poet was so happy and worried at that time ? There is no music in Xunyang , The sound of the female pipa , Then we met and talked about our feelings. From then on, the story of meeting a bosom friend taught us where to go .

Next to the old man's wife ? Ask me Bai Juyi 《 pipa 》 Is it here ? I'm not sure . But he did become an official in Xunyang .

Beautiful shoe mountain

There are many waves on the track of the cruise ship , The scene of riding the wind and breaking the waves is inspiring . The Poyang Lake war in the past is still in sight .


Not far from the shore, the fort is towering , There are several valiant soldiers in the artillery battle . The Pohu Lake area is also a place for military strategists to fight for .

The famous water war of Poyang Lake started here . At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang and Chen Youliang fought a decisive strategic battle for the waters of Poyang Lake . The decisive battle ended with Zhu Yuanzhang's complete victory .

Zhu Fenbing defends the mouth of Pohu lake , Break Chen's retreat . Concentrate your forces , Attack with fire , Annihilate its main force , Land and water interception . On the occasion of breaking through the encirclement, Chen Jun was annihilated , It created a famous example in the history of China's water war, in which less is better than more . It laid the foundation for the unification of Jiangnan .

Here is the cruise ship of Poyang Lake , Watching the river and the lake , Look at the rivers and mountains , Sigh at nature's magic hand , Freehand brushwork comes out in such thick ink and heavy color . Make visitors forget to return and intoxicated .

Thousands of years of wind and rain , Shizhong mountain , Poyang Lake , Shoeshan , The Yangtze River . How many ancient and modern literati and poets have been cited to write down the eternal poems , The heroic complex of Poyang Lake's great victory is deeply engraved in the hearts of future generations .

Xunyang Pohu Lake area , Enjoy the great river and mountain scenery . To see the wonders of the river and the lake . I remember the heroic spirit of galloping on the battlefield . Look at the beautiful scenery , Poyang Lake is a blessed place .

The next stop is to drive to shoshan .

[ Qi fan Qi Di 3 period 28 Tianying /31 piece 1350 Words accumulate 38309 word ]