Meeting the right person at the wrong time

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【 Jiuzhou poetry 】 original text :《 Days on the cloud 》

author : Na LAN Wai Ruo

Seven rainbows , Various “ product ” Full of beautiful things in eyes . There are novels “ Splendid clothes ”, There's a word tag “ blue and white porcelain ”, And poetry “ Linglong heart ”, Of course, there is also a unique concept of life .

After a brief book , I have read some works of ancient rhyme creators . In my opinion, Na lanhuiruo's works have their own unique side , Especially when it comes to word writing , The rhetoric is gorgeous, elegant and vulgar , The choice of words, the carving of images, and the freshness of images , After reading, the sea is blowing , The feeling of facing the breeze ( I'm speaking from an amateur point of view , For ancient poetry , I'm just looking out the door , Good is good ).

The ancients said , There are specialized skills . Each has its own special study , If a man is poor, he will have no regrets if he can make achievements in one field in his whole life . So I think Nalan's original intention of creating this work may also be to rely on his own strengths , Rub and dabble with experience , Make an attempt on the integration of style and writing . Of course , This kind of creation has been a mature model for quite a long time . Overlook ,《 The book of odes 》、《 Li SAO 》 It contains the close integration of micro narrative and poetry ; A close look , Four masterpieces 、 Jin Yong and Liang Yusheng are typical representatives of martial arts , Stories and poems are closely matched . The story is the subject , Poetry is more for the finishing point or title seal . But now writing like this , It's not common any more .

There are three styles in this work : A novel ( Murmuring narration , To be exact, it should be narrative )、 word 、 modern poetry .

First of all, let's look at the narrative text . It's a process of poetic romance , A story with a slightly tragic ending . The two are predestined by poetry , From wechat to believe , And then to the later meeting 、 Chasing bags, etc , With the description of process and language , Push the waves of emotion , It has the unique reserve of literati and the non rhythmic heartbeat of emotion , Read to gradually enter the mood , A vague and ambiguous feeling suddenly arises .

Since the ancient times , The love story of literati is always beautiful and delicate . I think it's probably because of the literati's writing , The article has its own feelings , Resonate with your heart . Everyone may encounter different feelings at different times in his life , But there must be an unforgettable part of it , Or warm or moved , Or love how deep, hate how long .

I think , first-class , With a little regret . Everything in the world , There are no regrets , It's called consummation , Just like Sima Xiangru and Zhuo Wenjun ; With a little bit of damage , Is the definition of ideal beauty , Like Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, they both turn into butterflies . It's lucky to meet the right person at the right time , Meet the right person at the wrong time , It's sad , But it's also beautiful . Stripping reality , The undeniable beauty pursued by literati in emotion , Nothing like “ Life if only as first see , Why the autumn wind sad painting fan ”.

Look at the text of the word . This is what Nalan is good at . But in the whole work , The use of words is not the same as that mentioned above “ Title and seal ” Different , The greater use is to enrich the development of the story , Add some poetic elements .

Populus euphratica L 【 Sound slow 】, The origin of an emotion 、 Meet each other 、 The edge falls slowly narrates , It is the heart of poetry and the eye of composition . The choice of words is ordinary and popular , The inner feelings are exposed .

Lambert's 【 Liu Xiaoqing 】 And 【 Sound slow 】 comparison , There is more avoidance and rationality , Emotional exposure is more cautious . Set up a few days of travel scenarios , Then “ Dream of Qiongyao ”. as for 【 The sky is clear 】, There won't be too many hatchets .

Finally, modern poetry . First song 《 Miss Taoyuan 》, It should be a perspective or examination of one's own emotions . Love not , Only the love of exile ( Banish a bottomless Lake ), Keep the relationship alive in another way ( Only water can be exchanged , Exchange a flowing variable ), It is also the embodiment of rationality and restraint ( We can't take off a lock ).

The second and third capital are around the heart “ It's hard to ask , It's hard to give up ” The pain and contradiction of .《 Untitled one 》 Through the green fruit 、 youth 、 The image logic of the green worm , To portray the emotion of the moment “ dialectical ” And contradiction , In a trance with a trace of sadness ( Green fruit is eager to leave the relationship with spring, whose body doesn't have a few boiling rivers ).“ We should have met each other in the world ” It's a tear , No less than “ I don't know where to go , Peach blossom still smile spring breeze ” The predicted emotion is the future of things and people .《 Untitled two 》 There are more traces of lyricism , It's like the end of the story “ After we met in the world ” I'm not willing to , On the other hand, we are entangled , It can be seen that .

After reading , The passion of Populus euphratica in the poetic package 、 LAN bi'er is attracted by her tenderness and rationality . The waves buried in my heart for many years , I feel a little pain .

This may be just a story , Maybe it's an adaptation of the author's real experience , I recommend it to you , Collision with the beauty far away from my heart .

Jiuzhou Fangwen

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