Pacing, looking for spring breeze

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One , Reply to Jianyou's reply

In general , Around 1:30 every afternoon , It's the most uncomfortable time of my day . Waves of fatigue come like tides . One yawn after another , A deep sense of tiredness , It's coming all the time . I'm always stuck , The eyelids are going to stick together .

I'm a light sleeper . all is quiet in the dead of night , When it's time to rest , But I often wake up , Time sleep , It's rare to have a whole sleep . There's a little movement in my ear , People wake up immediately , After that, it's not easy to fall asleep . Even if it's forced to close your eyes , I can't sleep well .

Most of the time , All in all , All night , Less than five hours of sleep . If one day , Lucky to enter a deep sleep , Take four breaths 、 Five hours , It's a joy to be thankful for .

therefore , After the usual afternoon meal , I often feel depressed , I'm tired of thinking . At this time of the day , Mobile phone tone display , A Jane friend sent me a private letter . Cheer up and have a look , Or the friend who sent me private letters for three days in a row . This afternoon, , He sent me another link to his own article .

In fact! , We pay more attention to each other , But communication with each other is normal . He sent the link again , Let me make a comment on his new article “ correct ”. The fact is that I'm ahead 《 Time is the best proof 》 In the article , It has been clearly said that , I'm just an ordinary writer . Maybe this friend didn't pay attention , Or he's too modest .

ok , I repeat it again today : I still insist on , Qiu Zhihua is just a new person with simple books . Right , I'm just a little ant on the simple book platform . The only thing I can stick to , Just do what you can , Write down the daily practice . Record what you think in your daily life , Think of , What you feel .

So! , I'm just the same as you , It's just a normal , Participants in Jane's book . Or perhaps , I'm just a few days ahead of you , I entered Jianshu ?

I often feel like I have , There is something like this in the article 、 like that , Big and small , A lot of problems ; I also need to keep , Repair and correct the articles you wrote . So! , I can't make up for it “ correct ” Others . Especially the literary talent of others , in fact , It's not inferior to me at all !

I can only say : Learning together , Let's work together . I can only choose to be an honest and trustworthy ant , Not something , High above the ,“ correct ” People who comment on others .

Two , Pacing /* Looking for spring

Last night after dinner, as usual , I go out for a walk . I mean it , I chose a sparsely populated one , Relatively remote , Walk slowly along the path that ordinary people don't often walk .

On both sides of the road , The street trees are tall and shady . From a distance , It's a seamless connection . It's a warm breeze in April , Gently blow down , The grass on the ground and the flowers show their beautiful faces . Spring is striking and charming , It's almost the beginning of summer .

The twilight of the season , No longer the gloom of winter . Even near six in the night , The afterglow of the sun is still sentimentally attached to the fireworks in the world , I'm not willing to go away easily .

I'm wearing a black windbreaker , Walking quietly on the country road alone . Side walk , I'm looking forward to , In the woods , In the grass , The natural breathing and chanting of the long lost vegetation .

The wind in April , Soft , Blowing my hair , My cheek ; gently , Moist , Blow on me , It's a bit cold .

Not far away in the dense bamboo forest , The old bamboo stands green and straight , The new year's bamboo shoots and seedlings are in full swing , Push hard , String by string .

In the bamboo forest , Unknown birds , In the dense bamboo forest , All the way , Flapping wings , race each other , Singing happily in the setting sun .

On the way home , To cut corners , I took another path . I saw it , Next to the big tree is a family with a high gate , There's a green fence with big flowers on the wall 、 Big apricot yellow and eye-catching rose flowers .

Such a big and delicate rose , With a happy face , You can see yourself everywhere by the side of the road , Humble rose flowers , It just blooms and becomes a rebellious rose , A brilliant spring smile !

—— I chose , Rose's infatuation with spring , It's the waiting of a lonely person ?

3、 ... and , Why be more literate ?

It's very simple . It's to practice more every day , As a meal , Walk , Shopping in the supermarket is the same way of life .

When a comparison “ literature ” Things about , It has become a habit pattern that has been formed for a long time in life , So the daily change is just “ Geng Wen ”. It's no longer a tall thing , Things that are relatively difficult to deal with .

It's very simple , It's so simple and willful . No big deal !


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