If I see you for the first time

2021-04-29 11:16:17  作者:Literary FM

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When this spring is coming to an end

I remember those mango blossoms

It used to be in full bloom

It used to be fireworks in the world

Little green fruit in early summer

Hanging on the branches of everything

Time to wake up

The fragrance of life is incomparable

This amorous world

I love you and you love me

The same sincerity

And then grow wantonly in the plain

The dream is close to the heart

The trembling soul is the beginning of dream weaving

But you still remember

Struggling through a vast ocean

Peach blossom in March and willow in April

May pomegranate June lotus

Only the boat is the first sight of the waves

The stars have agreed to leave

The eye lost the gravel

It's going to clear up bright after the rain

Please give me another piece of scenery

I will say goodbye to the lovers of the four seasons

Back to heart

In the mango blossom

Light up the unknown with the morning light

Waiting for your warm self with color

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