White and black shoes

2021-04-29 11:16:11  作者:Literary FM

writing / Dongyang

White shoes and black shoes

For a long time , Finally, the order is placed , I bought running shoes with white soles and black faces .

Summer is coming , I want to buy a pair of light shoes .

I searched the Internet , Now the shoes are really beautiful , Both are eye-catching .

white , Pink , Colorful …… All the colors and styles you think of and don't think about , It's like the beautiful spring .

As always , Which pair do you want to buy , Just buy them .

Pink 、 Green 、 white , On the feet are shoes , Walking on the road is the mood .

Colorful , Flying , Every day is easy , It's nice to be young .

It seems that for a moment , I no longer choose those colorful colors when I buy my own shoes , And it's natural .

Summer is coming , Theoretically, you should choose a light colored shoe , Also secretly observed the shoes on other people's feet , I think white is beautiful too , But after all, I can't pass the barrier in my heart , Always black is more reassuring .

Xu is old , Those who jump off 、 Dazzling has become a memory , happy memories .

Black shoes , Take it , Peace of mind is the most important thing .

That's what life is like , White shoes , Black shoes , Different years , Wear different shoes , You can't help it .

2021.4.29 morning

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