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2021-04-29 11:14:21  作者:Photography

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1. Zheng Yuanjie, the king of fairy tales, once said ,“ I do it every morning 4 Get up at half past , Writing to 6 Half past six , Insist on 30 many years , Every day . People ask you how you stick to it , Are you human ?

And I said , I really enjoy writing , I'm sitting there , Live who you want , Whoever you want to die will die , Whoever divorces has to get divorced , Whoever you want to get back together has to get back together , How wonderful . therefore , Love is the most important .”

2. What time gives us is irreplaceable , Things and people you've been through won't disappear easily , They are all secretly depicting the background of life , It's like layers of colors on an oil painting , The richness and hierarchy , To complete the painting .

We all rely on the past step by step to achieve the present , From young and frivolous to mature and steady , From novice Xiaobai to leisurely , From children to parents , Constantly reconcile with the past , I'm constantly welcoming myself .


Early morning scenery

Evening flowers