Mysterious nepenthes

2021-04-29 10:13:45  作者:Photography

Nepenthes is the general name of all species of Nepenthes . They are tropical insectivorous plants , The origin is mainly in the Old World tropics . It has a unique nutrient absorbing organ —— Insect trap , The cage is cylindrical , The lower part is slightly enlarged , The cage mouth is provided with a cover , It is named for its shape like a pig cage .

The structure of Nepenthes leaves is complex , Petiole 、 Leaf body and tendrils . The tail of the tendril is enlarged and reversed to form a bottle , It can eat insects . Nepenthes have racemes , Small green or purple flowers , The bottle at the top of the leaf is a tool for catching insects . The cover of bottle like body can secrete fragrance , Lure insects . The mouth of the bottle is smooth , Insects can slip into the bottle , Drowned in the liquid from the bottom of the bottle , And decompose the nutrients of the insect body , Gradually digest and absorb .