The story of weeding

2021-04-29 10:13:18  作者:Photography

Early in the morning ……

No news at all ( not so bad )

You can get some more sleep

7:04 Get out of bed

By this time, I have finished washing

Fortunately, I set the mute , Otherwise, I can't bear a dozen news attacks .

My fault , I shouldn't have stayed up late last night …… You shouldn't stay up late and get up early

Try not to stay up late next time , I don't want the flowers of the motherland to be destroyed like this ……

After running and having breakfast , And plucked the grass all morning ( Course requirements )


↑ This one was pulled at home a long time ago , Because it looks good, remember its , Uh , name


↑ My mom loves playing with flowers and plants , So it's a bit hereditary , I like it,too.

Mugwort ( It's called Penghao ?)