Poetry and painting collection: Xiajiang ancient market town, now in dream (Continued)

2021-04-29 10:02:22  作者:Photography

Padang : Guandukou ancient town

Yunjuan gorge is windy

The waves surge into the river

The official ferry

How sad are the demoted guests

The official ferry

Wushan : Daxi ancient town

Rich cultural accumulation

Archaeology has a long history

A thousand years of stone age

Baidai is busy with fishing and hunting

Wushan : Dachang ancient town

The plank road is a hundred li long

Merchants gather in Dachang

Thousands of households are smoking

Wuxi is busy cooking salt

Dachang ancient street

Wushan : Bluestone wharf

The river is muddy in summer

The mountain is green and the stone is green

People live with gods

The town is made of stone

Shizhu County : Xituo ancient town

It's a long way to salt in the West

Linjiang merchants

A thousand year old river drop show

The ladder is on the first floor

YUNTI Street

Vertical to the river

Xituo ancient town is unique

A thousand years of salt road

The steps are like a ladder

【 notes 】 Xituo ancient town is perpendicular to the Yangtze River , The terrain is higher , Only one-third of the water .

Yunyang : Yunan ancient town

A man carrying salt through the ages

Generations go to Yunan

The Three Gorges dam

The ancient town becomes a pool