Learn to be close to a gentleman and be far from a villain

2021-04-29 09:47:30  作者:Life journey

Last night, , It's over eleven . Jane you A All of a sudden, he told me in wechat , She is in a bad mood .

Jane you A It's a Jane friend I met when I first came in , Tell the truth , I didn't have a good impression of her at first . Even once , When she made a voice call to me , Because it's too long , I'm impatient .

I half joked and half seriously threatened :“ You talk about it , Be careful I pull you black .”

“ Are you willing to give up? ?” The voice on the phone is still clear and pleasant without any displeasure !

“ I'm not a man , Can't you still hope you'll come with me ? There's nothing I can't bear , I don't eat this one !” I was amused by her .

After chatting , Only then did I know that she was a Chinese teacher in class three of senior high school . Her world is very simple , But also very lonely .

That day she sent me an article to revise . Tell the truth , I was moved by her words with temperature . After this , After reading several articles she wrote , My impression of her is getting better .

Knowing that she had an unfortunate marriage , She'll talk to me again , I'll try to talk to her more . And encourage her to say goodbye to the past , Reinvent yourself , Live like a goddess .

the other day , She has just ended an ethereal online love . In memory of , She wrote the story down .

Send it to me , It's really like the spring of writing and the tide of thinking , I think it's very good , So remind her to correct a few small mistakes .

After the modification is completed , She cried with great joy “ Long live sister Chu Yun !” It's off the line .

I didn't expect less than half an hour , Wechat lights up again . She said that she was very happy when the article was finished , But her colleagues were sarcastic , Like Doutou pouring a basin of cold water for her , She's not all right .

She said that her colleagues said that it was useless for her to write articles , You can't change money , And write all day , I feel like she's not normal ……

I comforted her and said : “ You don't care what people say , Just like yourself . Writing articles doesn't cost much , But articles can leave traces of your life , The article is also the best inheritance ……”

“ You said I don't play cards , There's no entertainment . It's like other people love singing and dancing , And I love to write a little article , Is this wrong ?” She looks depressed :“ Besides, , I heal myself by writing , What's in her way again ?”

I comforted her carefully , In fact, I don't like those who have nothing to do when they are full , A long tongued woman who always chews on the back .

But the world , Not has the final say , There are always some people , Build happiness on the pain of others , I want to make my life exciting , There's something wrong with it .

therefore , Whether we have strong enough hearts or not , To avoid injury , We should learn to be close to gentlemen and far away from villains .

Also advise those gossipy women who have nothing to look for , Keep your mouth shut , The world is still bright .

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