Another kind of architecture praised by architects and without expression by the masses

2021-04-29 09:37:44  作者:Photography

This alternative building is ----- Zumto's Bruder Klaus The church .

It looks like this from the outside , Although the appearance is not outstanding , But there's a lot in it .

This is what it looks like inside ⋯⋯ It's this big ⋯⋯ be without ! Looking forward to friends , Is it a disappointment ? I can only tell you that it's built in a very old way !

When it was built, it was cut first 111 tree , Put up a shelf , And then concrete it , You think it's over ? naive !

It's time for the worst ——

He set fire to the wood !

The fire burned for several days !

The wood is burnt clean , Only the concrete shell is left !

These textures are the textures of wood

And more fun !

Put glass balls on the wall , You can see a little bit of light in a dark environment !

—— Books and monkeys

So this is a church ! The first party of the building is a couple of villagers , They want to spend their little savings on building a chapel , Thank the Lord for his gift to them , That's why I found the zumto design . Because of the limited funds , Almost by hand , Choose the cheapest material and the simplest structure , Zumto also tried modern construction techniques , Finally, give up , This less technical way of building .

The story background : He is 15 A saint of the century ,50 He left his family and went into the valley to live as a hermit at the age of 20 , He is especially respected by the Swiss and the South Germans , Because he made an outstanding contribution to peace in the process of Swiss Federation 、 Civil war was avoided . Saints come from rich families , Later he became a hermit , In the future 20 I lived in a shed among the rocks , It's a man who uses stones as pillows . So this kind of promotion , Narrow space , It's not just disrespect for the gods , In fact, it's right bruder klaus A kind of respect and gratitude of saints .

Compared to those magnificent Gothic churches , Maybe this dark, damp little space is uncomfortable , But it's the atmosphere of experiencing nature , It happens to be able to put people into the atmosphere of the stone chamber where the saints lived , It feels a little closer to the saints of those days , All the people who came in to visit were very quiet , When someone prays inside , We're just waiting outside .

and , The villagers also like to build their own churches .