April snow

2021-04-29 09:34:12  作者:Photography

fringe tree , Also known as April snow , It belongs to Oleaceae , It's a deciduous shrub or a small tree , The tree is tall and graceful , The branches and leaves are luxuriant , Early summer is full of trees and white flowers , If it's covered with frost and snow , Beautiful and pleasant .

The tassel tree likes light , I don't like shade , Cold resistance 、 Drought tolerance , Avoid stagnant water . The growth rate is slow , Long life , Barren tolerance , Not strict with the soil , But in fertility 、 It grows best in sandy loam with good permeability , Have a certain salt tolerance .

It is said that spring is a flower affair . Warm up from the earth , To the recovery of all things , And then a hundred flowers , As one falls , Every step forward and gradual change , It's all a rhythm of life , They are showing the vitality and vigor of nature .

From the Jasmine 、 Apricot blossom 、 Peach blossom 、 Second brother of pear blossom , And then to Begonia 、 The cherry blossoms are in full bloom , Countless flowers and plants , In this busy spring , It can be said that they are competing with each other , It's so busy , I'll be on the stage after you sing .

Now in late spring and April , The tassels are in full bloom , Then the flower show is coming to an end …