April 29, 2021 enjoy cattle photography, let me think of... Hebei Tribulus terrestris

2021-04-29 09:34:05  作者:Photography

I've always been an avid photographer , But I've been burning water outside the door , Never stepped in !

today , I appreciate a group of old photos taken by the former crosstalk actor Niu Qun . In this group of old photos , Not only do I see many familiar figures , See the most real side of the big stars we loved before , I also saw that the herd was a real photographer , What he pursues and embodies is the artist's real artistic idea , In contrast to today's high-definition photography , It's just a beautiful vase ……

In terms of photography , The eternity of history , Far better than a brief delicacy ! Pursue the eternal shock of art , It's a feeling of renewal , That's what I like ! It's the same with other arts , The form of expression doesn't matter , It doesn't even matter what you do , But that spirit of responsibility for art , That kind of works of art has a long history , It really has the power of time and space !

Photography is a career , Photography is a profession , There are essential differences and requirements between those who play photography and those who play photography .

Modern HD is just the back of history , Let's not fall into the trap of history and art ! Today, enjoy the cattle photography , Let me see the history deeply , And the persistent pursuit of the older generation of artists . What a good HD Photo , It will be eliminated in three years , And it's too high definition , Also easy to expose the shortcomings of reality , And without the texture and implicit beauty of photographic film .

at present , There are many beautiful pictures in visual China , As a layman, I think , There can be , But it's not worth advocating , It should not be the mainstream of photography . Because when you look at it, it looks good , But it was soon forgotten , This is the difference between photography products and art works !

All in all , In a word , Don't let those who are selling lens wash their eyes when they are playing photography , Don't let those who play art do it !