The eye language laughs Tu to welcome the sentiment, the heart thought is very clear

2021-04-29 08:30:59  作者:Photography

She had never experienced such cold , It's like the cold wind of the twelfth lunar month has been pinched into needles one by one , Stab her in the bone .

The picture comes from Shanhaijing

In the face of absolute power , Intrigue really doesn't work .

The picture comes from Shanhaijing

Eyes talk, smile, love , I have a clear mind .

The picture comes from Shanhaijing

He just held his hand , Say such a irrelevant word , The rest of the most urgent answers , But not a word . She felt that her heart was suspended in the air , Couldn't get on , I can't get down , Unspeakable pain , The whole person is like a rootless duckweed , Nothing to rely on .