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  ( 6、 ... and ) We are all just a corner

   That philosophical poem that Tingbao gave me that day , But I don't know what she's trying to express .

  “ You stand on the bridge to see the scenery , The landscape watcher is upstairs looking at you . The moon decorates your window , You decorate other people's dreams .”

   Someone deliberately interprets him , He is a love poem , Some people say it's an elaboration of social relations , In my eyes, others are the image of my dream , In other people's eyes, they become the image of other people's dreams .

   But Tingbao , Can you tell me :“ What the hell is this ?”

   Or in my own script , We are the protagonists ourselves , Others are supporting roles ; In her case, the opposite is true , We became supporting actors .

   Maybe it's all the right interpretation , If the author comes back to life one day , I wonder if it will be as he thought it would be .

   Tingbao , You're right .

   I didn't read his dream , It's just a dream in my mind : Small building 、 Misty rain 、 Running water 、 Stone Bridge 、 Oil paper umbrella , Girl and boy , A vivid picture of the ancient style , Wouldn't it be more perfect with a piece of ancient music .

   Personally, I prefer to look at things with pictures , It's like reading a suspense novel , Word by word, the sense of picture will be displayed .

   Each of us is different , The same thing in front of me , We will pay different attention to the whole situation , So don't worry too much about why you are different from others , In their own heart will not have so much trouble and sorrow .

   Different is different , It's not that the protagonist also decorates a dream, isn't it , Maybe this is the most true self .

   Life doesn't have that many definitions , We don't have to worry about choosing the same one as others , And don't get upset because it's different , Just accept who you are .

   Don't care too much about other people's opinions when you choose , Life can't go back anyway , Don't think about anything , Just go ahead .

   The highlights belong to a few people , Ordinary is most of us .

   Turn the splendor of a few people into the world of ordinary people .

  ( 7、 ... and ) Be happy in your own way

   I stood in front of the huge ice sculpture , This is a natural water column , Where are all the streams flowing down the mountain , It goes from moving to resting .

   The sun is just fine , Tangent to the outline of the icicle , Glowing on the ice in focus “ Immortal Qi ”, This scene was recorded by an elderly traveler holding an SLR , Time seems to be standing still XX When is the year , It's not going to change .

   And he became our landscape , Along with the giant icicles . It's also a place, a year, a month, a day, a minute, a second , Huihui and I .

   People in the South seldom see snow , In my records, that is 2013 In the winter ,2016 I had two snows in the winter of, and I never saw snow again .

   About three o'clock , Huihui and I have reached the top of the snow mountain . This is the highest peak in Central Yunnan , It's a typical mountain glacier landscape .

   Earlier, I asked Huihui why he named Jiaozishan , We shouldn't have a name full of immortality , It can highlight the spirit of the mountain .

   But Huihui said : You don't want to , What good name can you have . You look good. How appropriate the name is .

   When I look around, its mountain shape is just like its name , I try to imagine a sedan chair in the mountains , There seems to be something , But the flying snow in Tianshan mountain or the suet jade in the mountains are also suitable .

   I throw my backpack away , He immediately threw himself into the snow . I roll in the snow , Grab a bunch of snowflakes and throw them into the sky , Imagine a snow just falling .

   Huihui dug a snow pit , Bury yourself in the snow , Just leave your head outside , Close your eyes and enjoy the breath .

   Seeing us crazy , Those old people who don't know where they are from are crazy too .

   They took off their upper body , Naked and muscular , Close to the sun , Stepping on the loose snow , Put on cool poss.

   We have all become the scenery in the eyes of others , Aunts accompanied by my uncle recorded their childlike happiness with SLR . If you take a good picture , I'll share it with them with my camera .

   The travelers were attracted by the old boys , Some of them are sitting in the kiosks not far away to see the scenery , And we stand on the cableway and watch the scenery in the pavilion .

   Huihui dumped all the food in her backpack on the snow , I pulled a sweater and sat down , In the sun , Eating on the snow .

   I have heard the story of yingnang Yingxue before , In fact, as a southerner, I was difficult to understand at the beginning , Later, I learned physics to understand this word , It was not until this trip that I experienced it myself .

   Because there are no Sunglasses , Huihui and I didn't spend too long on the top of the snow mountain .

   A long time , My eyes hurt a lot .

   The sun was shining on the snow , Light cannot be absorbed by white , It's all reflected back , Straight into my eyes .

   I couldn't stand it, so I went down the mountain .

   Huihui can't stand it either , I'm afraid I'll die in the snow mountain .

   We're a little sorry , Failed to set foot on the top of the mountain . Huihui made a snowman like a child , In front of the snowman, after the last call , Left a deep footprint .

   We're crazy enough , It seems that this is the most true self , Let go of yourself and enjoy it .

   Close contact between your skin and nature , mountain breeze 、 land 、 The sun ……

   We went down the mountain , Before going down the mountain, Huihui left the sun hat to the snowman , The snowman also left a picture .

  ( 8、 ... and ) Don't let go easily

   Do you think Huihui is stupid , On the way down the mountain, we met the footprints of many wild animals , He pointed to the footprints in the snow and said it was a boar , Then he took the camera to find the footprints and went to the boar .

   I can't imagine him fighting a pig alone , He was not killed by the lack of oxygen in the plateau , On the contrary, he lost his life because he met a few pigs , Who can I talk to then .

   I'm a teammate , We shouldn't leave him alone , At least team spirit .

   Give him a hand , So I followed him .

   Passengers pull ropes down the mountain , We strung down the mountain from the woods . In the end, the boar was not found , But with the footprints relaxed down the mountain .

   The ancients said it's easier to go up the mountain than to go down , What's more, it's snowy , The road up and down the mountain is covered with snow , Trampled by tourists, the loose snow has already become smooth skating .

   For safety , In order to avoid the repetition of the scenery up and down the mountain , We chose a new route .

   In front of us are two grannies , About 50 or 60 years old .

   I overheard them talking , They should have been close friends for more than half a century .

   The mother-in-law holds the rope tightly , It's hard to move down step by step , It seems that the body doesn't listen to the brain , I stepped on it and slipped , The mother-in-law in the red down jacket fell down the ropeway .

   The other mother-in-law was frightened , She was tugging at the rope , The rope fell into her bloated skin , She called out her mother-in-law's name , Then try to catch up as fast as you can .

   We're not going to go all the way to black , Luck always comes to us .

   Although the mountain road here is steep , But there will always be a relatively open place along the way , It was this flat that saved my mother-in-law's life .

   When Huihui and I saw this, they rushed forward , My mother-in-law is lying in the snow , I can't move , Hands crush the fist , Press on your chest .

   She's kind of out of breath , Pale face .

   We made her lean on the rocks as much as we could , Quickly remove the oxygen from the backpack .

   She can still “ greedy ” Breathing oxygen , Oxygen binds to red blood cells , Her body gradually eased .

   Mother in law moved her body , There's blood on the arms and legs , My left wrist hurts a lot .

   We don't know what other potential pain she has , And I didn't bring any first aid kit , There are only four people here .

   We said we had to go down the mountain quickly , There is an emergency room in the service area of the scenic spot at the foot of the mountain , Doctors know how to deal with it effectively .

   Huihui throws her backpack at me , He gave me a vicious look .

   I said, you little boy , Why are you still on the pole .

   He wants to carry his mother-in-law down the mountain , I refused .

   I said, : You really want to die in the snow mountain , It's not killing .

   He did it morally , Nature should encourage him , But out of responsibility for life , I don't agree with him .

   The cableway on the mountain is built according to the mountain situation , In some places as high as 80 Multiple tilt angles . Snow mountain has just lifted the ban on mountain closure , There is still a lot of snow and there is no snow removal , In addition, up and down of tourists , The loose snow is as smooth as ice .

   When I go down the mountain, even with the rope , I nearly slipped several times , It's hard to imagine the power of Huihui's going down the mountain with her mother-in-law , I strongly disagree with it .

   I threw my backpack on the snow , And then try to pick up my mother-in-law , My mother-in-law stood up as much as she could , The blood circulates fully in the body .

   She tried to take a few steps , Then he turned to another mother-in-law and said he was OK , It's just a sprained foot .

   Huihui said to carry her down the mountain , She refused Huihui .

   She thanks Huihui , Then I told him a lesson . I'm sorry I'm decades old , But Huihui is only in her early twenties , I'm young .

   I was lucky just now , But it doesn't always care for us , If they fall later , I don't know. I went straight to the foot of the mountain .

   My mother-in-law explained rationally that she could go , Slowly down , I'm sure I can go down before dark .

   I picked up my backpack , Help your mother-in-law up , Step by step forward .

   Huihui is walking in front with a backpack on his back , Now and then sneak back to see us .

   There's a very steep section of the road , It's snowy . Huihui kicks the snow down the gully in Martin boots , He just kicks all the time , Up to the service area .

   My mother-in-law is very talkative , He told us a lot of interesting things along the way .

   She asked me : Why do you come to the snow mountain ?

   I said, : interesting !

   She said that she really envies you and us young people , Go wherever you want ? An old man like him , You can't go if you want to .

   I said, mother-in-law, you have come to the snow mountain .

   My mother-in-law, she only found a reason to see the world for herself this year , The daughter disagreed , But she's stubborn , There's nothing my daughter can do with her . Quietly came out , Formed a team with several people around , Start the last sunset journey of life .

   She said she didn't have so many choices when she was young , Just a few roads . She wanted to be a worker in the factory and everything would be fine .

   It's been decades , During the period of love 、 marry 、 Child 、 Children go to school 、 Retire on your own ……

   Help your daughter with her baby after retirement , Go to kindergarten , Primary school ……

   She said she seems to have gone through another cycle , My grandson is five years old , It's been seven or eight years .

   Time flies and people get old , She looked back , I always feel that my heart is not willing .

   She said young people can go anywhere , When the car blows , Everything's gone back . I can't go anywhere myself , Can't drive , It's just the bus , Only square dancing .

   They are always worried about this and where , But never spend time with her . At first, her grandson would accompany her , My grandson seldom came to her home after he was in the third grade .

   All the relatives are in the same city , But they are blocked by the modernization of steel and cement , Only loneliness left ?

   Slowly waiting for years to pass , Close your eyes and imagine death .

   We don't want to die , I'm doing something before I die , Even small things , There are not so many regrets .

   Although years have helped her put on her old make-up , But her heart is very young .

   Look at the people who ride around, some of them are her age , She used to yearn for those lives , What they can do , You can try it yourself .

   At the end of my life , In the face of this unknown death , She also wants to do something interesting , She decided to see the world .

   My mother-in-law said that now she no longer envies other people's way , She also found a way to make her happy for the day . After several decades of constant life, the doors and windows were suddenly opened , It turns out that the door is so colorful .

   The inner seed of morning glory began to sprout , It has blossomed , No matter where you go, there will be a fragrance .

   And then it's even more amazing , It's like the shoes have flowers, too , All the footprints along the way are full of flowers , Every footprint has a different fragrance , But they all have discrimination , As soon as you smell it, you know it belongs to you .

   Huihui looks at her mother-in-law , My mother-in-law said don't be impatient in the future , Have a good discussion , Just be nice .

   We took her to the service area of the scenic spot and waved goodbye to them .

   My mother-in-law said thanks to us when we left , We also thank her for telling us so many stories .

   I just hope that when I want to see the world , Someone to walk with .


  ( Nine ) I want to have a quiet sleep

   It's time to make an appointment with brother Kun , We can't delay any more .

   When we get to the service area , Where are brother Kun and brother Rong standing , Watching the goats eat with affection . The afterglow of the setting sun just falls , They're all in warm colors , Say a few words or ask about your future plans , The atmosphere is quiet and lively .

   Accompanied by happiness, anger, sadness and happiness, I laugh three times from time to time , Westward declines the sun , The sun is going to rise to the East .

   Brother Rong and brother Kun meet us , We had a talk , But I don't see sissy and Yi .

   We both returned the mountain climbing equipment we rented , Then I found a stall .

   We ordered a Yunnan charcoal baked potato , Sitting on the mud mound of the ring road .

   Like two idiots , Looking at the distance eating potatoes .

   Huihui takes a bite of the potato , Don't forget to suck back the aroma of potatoes .

   I took a look at him , And then take a bite and don't forget hip-hop .

   We laughed .

   Sitting there , Until sissy and Yi go down the mountain .

   When I get on the bus, I forget my fatigue , Easy to fall asleep .

   By the time I woke up, it was Kunming , They're still sleeping .

   Neon outside the car , I stick to the window and look at the things that are leaving me quickly , I close my eyes here .

   I hope the night will last longer , Let them sleep longer .

   Better forget the past , Waking up is a beautiful morning .

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