April story

2021-04-29 07:51:11  作者:Photography

The brush play was shocked by a scene : The sea of clouds converges , Wait for the mountain to move , It's as if I can see the great spirit of the world .Mark once , Keep it for later punch in reference ↓

I found a lovely earphone box on the Internet ↓

In a visualization “ see ” here we are 2021 Henan Spring Festival Gala 《 Tang Palace Banquet 》 My little sister in the middle school ↓

When walking, I found a corner behind the grass beside the road , With the fragrance of flowers ↓

Cooking the most meals of the month this year , Take one bite at a time , Satisfaction and joy come up little by little , I'm such a mediocre cooking genius ↓

Fate will come down , I visited a Taoist priest , I've heard a lot of stories about curiosity , I had an interesting lesson , Take a bag of sentiment and fun , Feel the broken dimension .

I saw pink clouds when I was walking around ↓

The cloud on the lower left looks like a powerful hand unfolding , Keep the sunset ?↓

Vaccinated with the new crown vaccine . Except that the inoculated left upper arm deltoid area is a little cold ( The medical staff took the vaccine directly from the mini refrigerator for injection ), And the pain of being stabbed by a needle , No other adverse reactions ↓