The 37th day of forming Doudou's reading habit -- the third day of Luban Xueyi!

2021-04-29 07:42:19  作者:Life journey

today ,《 Lu Ban studies Arts 》 This picture book Doudou has read quite skillfully , I almost recite it when I speak it , It's not storytelling anymore .

This method only took seven days , I was thinking about it , When I read picture books later , Do you want him to read only three days , Because he has been very proficient in reading for three days .

The first time I was going to use this method . My plan is to make him proficient in a picture book in three days , But read the first book 《 The Wolf is coming 》 When , He didn't read very well in three days , I had to make him read one more day , little does one think , Read the second book in this way , It's completely different from when I read my first book , I can almost recite it in three days , I'm much more proficient in speaking , You say? , Should I consider letting him read it for three days ?

A book takes one less day , You can save a lot of time , You can read more books , Learn more , Why not do it ?

Think twice about , I still think , Take another look , Let Doudou read two more picture books , See if he's still at this speed , If it's still this speed in the future , I can really make him read only a picture book for three days !

For every picture book or book , Adjust the learning progress according to the specific situation , The purpose is just to let him really learn what to learn , That's what we read for !

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