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I have been in Huicheng for more than ten years , I haven't been to Dongpo temple . It was about 17 years ago , I loved poetry at that time , Reading Su Shi's poems , I also went to Wanghu building in Hangzhou . Therefore, he traced his footprints in Huicheng . I know he built his own house in baihefeng , But I didn't find .

I learned today that , Huicheng Dongpo temple was rebuilt in 17 , It was only 18 years ago that it opened to the outside world . Is that why I didn't find it , It's not all , After all, the site is there , Especially the doorstep , I haven't been there .

After the visit, I thought , No wonder so many people like 、 Respect Su Dongpo . I can't help cheering . Although I came back and got wet in the rain .

Visited two main parts of Dongpo temple , Dongpo temple , And Dongpo Memorial . Half afternoon , I only visited these two parts ( There's more ).

Dongpo temple was rebuilt in 17 . On the northwest side, there are steps and mountain gates , The position should be roughly unchanged . There are two or three tall kapok trees in front of the door . The bottom diameter is estimated to be one meter five , The trees are old and simple . Such a strong tree , It reminds us that it grew in baihefeng very early .

The temple is divided into three parts . Go in through the front door , In the middle is “ There is a neighborhood in Germany ”, It's the living room , There is... On the right “ Dongpo bedroom ”. The last step is “ Yanju building ”. On the left side of the temple is “ Siwuxie Zhai ”, It's like a study .

The whole temple was built on a low mountain top . It's quiet and tidy , Interplanting bamboo and wood , In front of the pavilion , Bananas are all over the place . To the north is the river ( Dongjiang ), Look at the scenery from afar . It's on the right side of the temple , There are three phoenix trees , At first glance, the age of the trees is old . Full of branches of the Phoenix flower , Red is in full bloom , In full swing .

There is a neighborhood in Germany

Dongpo Temple used to be used for home . Look at the current situation , The dear one is gone and the chamber remains deserted , It's more appropriate to call it a temple . For example, in Dongpo bedroom , It's as simple as one bed , One side can rely on , Unusual bed , It's like an enlarged couch .

Dongpo temple ( Former residence of yuandongpo ) The construction of ( The third year of Shaosheng 1096 year ), It was Su Shi's plan to die , I don't want to live for two months , He was demoted to Hainan again . Although Su Shi lived in Huizhou for only two years and seven months ( The first year of Shaosheng 1094 Arrived in Huizhou in ), It can be seen that he likes Huizhou .

Yanju building

Visit the second part , In the east of Dongpo temple , Below it is the Dongpo Memorial .

This memorial hall is magnificent , And modern . With shadow painting , Poetry broadcast . There are no tourists . Listen to the magnetic recitation , The projection , Picture and text introduction , Feel all around , Why did you come here today .

The memorial has two floors . On the ground floor , There are three pavilions , Give a comprehensive introduction ; B1 , Talk about his deeds in Huizhou .

About his family background , family . Talk about his talent and wisdom . Talk about his character , His destiny .

I noticed that there are several aspects :

  1. a remarkable talent of many ages

Su Shi is a prominent figure in the history of Chinese literature . One of the eight great families in Tang and Song dynasties . Need to know , There are three of the eight great families in Tang and Song dynasties , It's called Sansu .“ A father son three word guest , Four great writers of the ages ”, It's about “ Three su ”. Tingjian and Huang Jian “ Suhuang ”, And Xin Qiji “ Sushin ”.

  1. Beauty knows each other

Su Dongpo had three marriages in his life ( The word "marriage" is used in the introduction of the library , I don't think it's accurate , Wang Chaoyun is just a concubine , Of course , Su Shi's feelings for Wang Chaoyun , No less than the top two , There is no name , I really feel aggrieved for Wang Chaoyun ). My wife Wang Fu ,16 He married Su Shi at the age of 20 ,27 I was sick and died at the age of 20 ; To marry Wang Fu's cousin Wang Runzhi , When I married Su Shi, I was 21 year ,46 I'm dying of illness ; My concubine Wang Chaoyun , When I took office in Hangzhou, I met , All the way to Huizhou , He died in Huizhou , Buried in the West Lake of Huizhou ( strange , All surnamed Wang ).

With women , This is important . It depends on one's fate , It has a great influence .

Wang Fu

Wang Runzhi

Wang Chaoyun

  1. Brotherhood

《 to . When is the moon 》: When is the moon , Drink to the sky … May man last , Miles of chan . I mistook it for love . Not really , It's about his brotherhood with Su Zhe .

  1. Make friends

No matter the common people , Or colleagues , People from all walks of life , All have Su Dongpo's friends . It shows that he is kind in heart . meanwhile , It's also a kind of learning from each other , Help . I can make friends with all kinds of people , And be friends , It's also a skill .

  1. His ups and downs

Su Dongpo “ Be frank and honest , The outside and the inside are clear and exciting , Have independent political views , I don't want to pitch , Not willing to follow the wind ”.

Wang Anshi advocated the new law , He thinks that there is a disadvantage to the people . Political differences , Take the initiative to transfer . later , The old party, represented by Sima Guang, has been reactivated , Su Shi has been put in an important position , He can't stand the corruption of the old party . Don't flatter at both ends . This makes me feel very much . Just because it's too real , Take things too seriously . Character determines his fate in officialdom . therefore , When Wang Chaoyun said that his stomach was not suitable , Deep in Sushi's heart , I think my bosom friend .

Zhaohe Pavilion

Siwuxie Zhai

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