Green Island Coconut wind blowing Cape

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The island here is summer all the year round , Flowers and fruits are fragrant everywhere . March is coming and the flowers are red ; May is coming and the flowers are blooming ; In August, the flowers are fragrant ; In October, flowers are not defeated . We are here when the flowers are in full bloom .

“ The ends of the earth ” It is a famous scenic spot in Sanya, Hainan , The boundless sea 、 The beach , There are many huge beach rocks on the shore , And tall coconut trees .

“ The ends of the earth ” It is located on the headland between Sanya Bay and Hongtang Bay , Close to the mountain and face the sea , Located in the tropical low latitude marine monsoon climate , Typical marine climate characteristics , There is no winter in summer . According to the local people , The lowest temperature here in winter is more than 20 degrees . Besides, there's plenty of sunshine , The flowers and fruits are fragrant all the year round .

“ The ends of the earth ” Tourist areas have existed since the Qing Dynasty ,“ The end of the world ” The inscriptions on the huge stones are made during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty (1727 year ) Carved by Cheng Zhe, governor of Yazhou ,“ Cape ” The two characters were engraved during the Anti Japanese war .

It is said that in ancient times there was a man and a woman , Since childhood , When I grow up, my parents “ break up affectionate couples ”, So they eloped hand in hand and came to “ The ends of the earth ”, They swore to the sea , And for the vow to throw both into the sea . Their love touched God , Heaven made them stone , Two huge stones stand close to each other by the sea .

Yulan is in bud

The ends of the earth are not just big stones , Every stone has a moral .

This piece of “ Yulan is in bud ” This is an oval granite , In the long process of sea erosion and weathering , Split into petals by gravity , formation “ Yulan is in bud ” It's a fantastic look , It's the biggest in the world “ Magnolia ” 了 . This flower is as quiet as a virgin, standing on the seashore , Xiaoao is in a storm , Witnessed the vicissitudes of life , just as “ The ends of the earth ” Generally, after thousands of years of space-time transformation , Carrying thousands of years of cultural and emotional accumulation , Become a deep complex in people's hearts . People also compare it to Lotus , And far away 108 Minan mountain Guanyin on the sea is far away , This is “ Lotus Bridge ” The origin of .

On one side of the other big stone is like a steamed bread cut with a knife . So called “ Steamed bread stone ”.

And some of them look like they grew up on the beach “ stalagmite ”.

Steamed bread stone


Southern sky column

Well known “ Southern sky column ” The stone is about 7 rice , also called “ Fortune stone ”, The Fourth Edition 2 The pattern on the back of RMB yuan is here “ Southern sky column ”.

See only “ Southern sky column ” of indomitable spirit , Towering between the sea and the sky , According to legend “ Fortune stone ” It has the aura of transforming decay into magic , It is also said that it is one of the four great myths and legends in ancient China “ Work together to touch the mountain ” in “ Gonggong was angry and couldn't touch Zhoushan , The pillars of heaven are broken , Devi .” Of “ Tianzhu ” A piece , He was sent here to support the south . During the Xuantong period of the Qing Dynasty , Fan YUNTI, the governor of Yazhou, inscribed the following on the basis of this statement “ Southern sky column ” Four big characters .

The sea breeze caresses my face , The waves are dancing on the shore . sea and sky merged into one , Looking to the other side , It is :

I don't know where the world is ,

A touch of Qingyang drinking spray .

Green Island Coconut wind blowing Cape ,

The sound of the tide, the dream and the sand .

The end of the world