Chasing flowers (423)

2021-04-29 06:26:28  作者:Photography

Wisteria flowers in Jiading Wisteria garden , The purple air comes from the East in full bloom , It's like a curtain 、 Wind chime 、 The waterfall 、 grapes , Magnificent; ornate; fascinating !

This view should only exist in the sky , Falling into the world is a fairyland . In midsummer, the sun is shaded , Enjoy the cool under the shed , Enjoy the flowers and smell the fragrance , It's very relaxing .

All the literati and poets of the past dynasties wrote poems praising Wisteria

【 The tang dynasty 】 Li Bai

Wisteria padauk , Flowers and vines are good for spring .

Song bird with dense leaves , Fragrant and romantic beauty .