Ordinary life twists and turns (1168)

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Part 8 (109)

Chapter 230

It's hard to control the passion of two people

Jiang Shuihua's wish has not come true


Huaihua said :“ About men's minds , I also listen to others , People say , There's nothing wrong with men , There's no one who doesn't want to be nice to another woman . Men who don't get along with other women , It's not that there's no chance , It's just that there's no merit or advantage women can enjoy . My father and Xu Hongmei's friendship is an example . My father is fifty-six-seven years old , Xu Hongmei 23 , My father is 34 years older than Xu Hongmei , And then there's the infectious disease, tuberculosis, emphysema . A sick old man , Why did that happen with Xu Hongmei for a long time , It's my father's advantage as a branch secretary , Xu Hongbing, Xu Hongmei's brother, is a gangster / The backbone activists of the faction , Xu Hongmei is to let my father protect her brother Xu Hongbing's Party member and position , And then take over the branch secretary , And actively seduce my father . My father, a sick old man of nearly 60 years old , I can't stand the seduction of Xu Hongmei , You can see other men . What's more, the young and energetic new uncle Cheng . As for women's minds , You say? , Which woman doesn't like to be good and virtuous , Young men who are also excellent in other aspects ?"

Meng Xianying said :“ Sophora japonica , You have a point . Then I ask you , Do you sisters like my new brother too ?"

Huaihua said :“ How can you think that ?"

Meng Xianying said :“ As you said , My brother is good , literate , Have the ability to , A good heart , Everything is fine . He has a good relationship with your father , Everything is entrusted to him , He gave a lot of care to your sisters . After all, he doesn't have the same surname as you , Not much older than you , You may not like him ?"

Huaihua did not answer Meng Xianying , It's a smile .

Meng Xianying said :“ Is that so? , You all like him , Including you like him .“

Huaihua said :“ Yes , You are right , We , Including me , I really like him . It can't be said outside , Let Xu Hongbing know , It's time for him to become a new uncle . I heard my father say , Xu Hongbing is very jealous of my new uncle , But I'm very angry , Uncle Xincheng joined the party twice, but he didn't , It's Xu Hongbing who made it bad ."

Meng Xianying said :“ I know that , Don't talk about it. I'm rotten in my stomach. I won't talk about it , It's just you guys , Including you , It happened with my brother what we just did , I'm not going to say , I'm not angry either , I'm lucky to have a daughter-in-law , I can also care if my daughter-in-law has ever had such a thing ? What's more? , My brother is kind to you , It's kind to my family .“

Huaihua said :“ I understand your feeling , But our sisters , Although they all like the new uncle , But there is absolutely no such situation with Xincheng , And no one has ever said anything like that in front of him . I , You just checked it , It's still a girl ."

Meng Xianying said :“ Yes , Yes , You're still a girl , Seeing such a big red rose . It's not that you came prepared with the riding cloth , How to get this quilt ."

Huaihua said :“ Although we don't have the same surname as Uncle Xincheng , But we all know , He is uncle after all , We are nieces , Just bury this love in your heart , Can't show any frivolous words and deeds . When my dad came home , Start , Uncle Xincheng will come to my house every two days , Later, my father became even more ill , He basically goes every day . He never said much to us , Just sitting by my father's bed and talking to my father . The more so , We admire and like him more , I feel very close to him , Take him as the idol of looking for a son-in-law . People often say that , Be impressed with someone or something , I dream about him at night . Our sisters , Including my sixth sister chrysanthemum , I've dreamt of new uncle Cheng , In a dream , There's no seniority , It's like the person you're looking for , It's just ……"

Sophora didn't go on , Meng Xianying takes over :“ That's what happened, isn't it ?"

Huaihua did not say , Just a smile .

Meng Xianying said :“ Sophora japonica , Do you know what this is ? What I read from physiological knowledge books says , It's a sign of sexual maturity for young men and women , This kind of situation is called sexual infantile ideation , It's the same with young men and women who are entering adolescence . I don't know if your girls are good , Anyway, I think I'm really good . Not long after I fall asleep every night , The next one will be very brave , And dream of playing with women , Every other three or five days , I can also play exciting horse racing ( Legacy / fine )."

Huaihua asked :“ Who do you dream of ?"

Meng Xianying said :“ Of course, I dream about you many times . Besides you , It's sister-in-law Shuihua .“

Huaihua asked :“ Why do you dream of sister-in-law Shuihua ?"

Meng Xianying said :“ Sister Shuihua is eight or nine years older than me , But she's so beautiful , The water is like a peach , Especially attractive , When I saw her, I was flustered , There's an impulse . She is the Deputy Secretary of the brigade , I'm right / Send lambs , Dare I say the first thing in front of her ? Just lying in bed thinking about her , Thinking about it, I fell asleep , When you fall asleep, you dream of her , Dream of her will be ……, And then they ran away ."

Listen to Meng Xianying , Jiangshuihua said in a low voice :rv Meng Xianying, the son of a bitch , Yes, I'm still dreaming ."

Lin Xincheng also said to jiangshuihua with a smile :“ Meng Xianying likes you so much , Eight or nine years younger than you , How tender , You make his dream come true ."

Jiangshuihua twisted Lin Xincheng's hand , He said softly :“ I'll screw you to death , Let's talk about beating the drum .“

The sophora flower inside asked again :“ Dream about whether I will be like that ?"

Meng Xianying said :“ That's for sure .“

Huaihua beat Meng Xianying and said :“ Meng Xianying , You big rascal ."

Meng Xianying said :“ How can I be a hooligan , Things in my dreams , I don't say who knows , It doesn't really hurt you and sister-in-law Shuihua ."

Huaihua said :“ Current business , You say? , The sister-in-law of Shuihua is so beautiful and beautiful , You still miss her , My new uncle would like to give her that , Is my new uncle too stupid ? My father is so old that he is like Xu Hongmei ."

Meng Xianying said :“ That's the difference between my brother and your father , My brother is decent ."

Huaihua said :“ Namely , My uncle is decent . Xu Hongmei is so much younger than my father , Call my father uncle, too , My father dares to . Our sisters are not a few years younger than Xincheng's uncle , Uncle Xincheng is serious in front of us , Talking with my father is also a long work and short production .”

Two young people in love , I dare to say anything together .

At this time , Listen to Huaihua again :“ Current business , I ask you , When you came , Sister Shuihua is so angry with Uncle Xincheng , Just because Uncle Xincheng asked you to come , Didn't uncle Xincheng tell her ?"

Their topic has changed again .

Meng Xianying replied :“ Namely , When we asked sister Shuihua to come with us , She just said , Lin Xincheng, this guy , When I start pulling strings for you , He entrusted it to Gong Jianrong and me when he was not free , Now it's the media , Let's go on a date , Don't let us know , I'm afraid we'll fight for big carp , ok , Since you let me go with you , I took the minutes of my last meeting and gave them to him ."

Huaihua said :“ Now they may be studying the conclusion . We don't care what they do , We've had such a long rest , Get emotional , And we're doing ."

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