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I don't want to talk about how much I hate invigilation , When I'm in pain, I think : This is just a waste of the teacher's life , It can also be said that teachers exchange their lives for meager treatment , To support the family . Sometimes I persuade myself to say , I don't have the ability to change my situation , Then accept fate , Later also slowly feel invigilator a little interesting , Rules and regulations govern your body , Can you control your brain ? Can observe examinee , It's possible to think in a mysterious way , You can write and draw , Maybe just a simple idea to complete a piece of tofu , This is also a kind of harvest .

Today, we are supervising three honesty examination rooms ____ The students got better grades , Collective signed a letter of commitment to integrity , The examination room relies on self-discipline and mutual supervision , If you find that someone does not abide by the examination discipline, you can report it to the political and educational department . Three examination rooms are adjacent to each other , It's in the video classroom . I think , Since it's an integrity examination room , Then we should fully trust the students , The teacher's main task is to send and receive test papers . I carry three piles of papers into the classroom , Each designated student distributes the barcode , Answer sheet , Check the papers according to the number of people in each column , Five minutes before the test, assign students to hand out test papers , At the end of the explanation, the last student in each column will receive the test card of this column , From small to large, it's neatly arranged , Put it on the platform , Wait for me to collect them .

Test start , I left the examination room and went to the corridor . Early in the morning, it drizzled and kept falling , It's windy in the morning , Raindrops hit the bamboo swaying with the wind in front of the building , Rustling makes me think it's snowing , Take a closer look at the road , No ! This spring is rare , To break the “ Spring has a short neck ” The old tradition of , They all grow “ Swan neck ” 了 , Continue on the road of warm and cold, never look back . The rain is particularly frequent , I can't afford to be “ Spring rain is as expensive as oil ” That's not true , The rain overflowed , Straight like flowers, needles, such as silk, such as cattle hair of the spring rain down into a pouring rain , There's no value, no dignity , Just say it , Just for a few days , It will be may day soon , The temperature is too low to wear cotton padded jacket , Colleagues in the group wind up video , It's snowing in Urumqi ,“ Snow in May , No flowers but cold ”.

I wanted to go around the hallway , But it's too cold , Sitting on the podium ? Not good either ! It's about invigilating teachers. In fact, teachers are also monitored by students , Every move can't escape the students' eyes . A colleague once dozed off on the platform , Later, I was sleepy , I fell asleep on the desk , Soon snored again , It made the students laugh , It happened that the leader went through the inspection , I've been caught right there , The leader woke her up , Ha La Zi ran a book , I've been embarrassed about this for years !

I used to like doing sports in the exam room , Practice calligraphy in the examination room , Count the number of boys and girls , Investigate the color of the clothes 、 Hair length 、 It's black and white , I'm not in the mood today . Because there's a big video classroom , The lecture place is separated from the lecture place by glass , I sit behind the glass , Watching the whole room clearly , Instead of worrying about being seen , You can stretch your arms and kick your legs , Twist your waist and swing your hips , Do radio gymnastics , No one can see it even if it's funny , It's safe here , The freedom of the . It's like peeping into other people's privacy , Without being noticed , There was an inexplicable pleasure .

I'm sitting behind the glass

The red stool is where I'm invisible

It's so strange , Like to watch people but don't want to be watched , I like to eat melon but hide myself deeply . It's also a double label ? I'm narrow and selfish , But I always dislike others for not being generous enough ; I'll try my best , But complain that the world is declining , hearts ; I broke all kinds of rules and regulations , But teach others to follow the instructions ; I'll take advantage of myself , But he has to show his contempt for all kinds of unhealthy tendencies ……

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