We've been informed that we'll get the vaccine tomorrow

2021-04-29 05:56:16  作者:Life journey

Of course, I will send this article tomorrow , We have to deal with the day shift , Not to be careless . But writing this article is today ( namely 4 month 28 Japan ) It was written in the evening , therefore , I said get informed , I'll get the vaccine tomorrow , Namely 4 month 29 Daily vaccination .

Our border city in Yunnan Province was closed for the second time due to external infection , It's time for emergency vaccination . I remember the first time I didn't report my name in my unit , After I went to the vaccination point of the municipal maternal and child health care hospital , Just shut the door , What depressed me at that time , It's indescribable , It's like sun Walker being turned over by the Tathagata Buddha under the five finger mountain , You have to hold back more, you have to hold back more , Missed the vaccination , Its mood can be imagined .

I didn't expect that after the second closure of the border city , I'm going to be 18 years old , People over 59 years old can also be vaccinated , I used to brake when I was 59 years old , I'm not that old , Of course, inactivated vaccine is more important .

Focus on the epidemic in India these days , Of course, I'm very worried about the Indian people living in the epidemic . When I was informed , There is a sense of relief . I'm glad I was born in my hometown , I saw on the Internet how many oxygen generators we assisted India , Forget the story of Mr. Dongguo and the wolf , I don't think you should say these mean things .

Because the Indian people are innocent , And now the world is a community , India lives next to us , Now India is out of control , If we turn around , It's like a fireman sees his neighbor on fire , Pretending to be invisible , Don't bring water to put out the burning flames . That's not going to work . Don't gossip at this time , In a word , It's about fighting a fire , Prevent the fire from spreading , cause endless trouble to future . Global anti epidemic , Everyone is responsible. . One side has difficulties , P plus support .

The current epidemic situation is very serious , And the Indian epidemic is caused by people going to the mother river —— The Ganges bathed in the big pot Festival , And the epidemic is almost out of control , It's like Wang Chan , It also puts pressure on us to fight the epidemic . Now India alone can't save itself , Now it's time for the world to reach out and save India , Fight the epidemic together . Save India , It's also saving the world . We can't be like old M Break the chain at the critical moment , No vaccine support for India , In fact, this is not the case . Because the global community , In front of the epidemic , No one can be alone , Treat India , We can't hear the epidemic getting worse and worse , We should extend a warm helping hand to him , an ineffectual remedy , Overcome all difficulties , Join hands to fight the epidemic , I hope that the Indian people will get out of the crisis and shadow of the epidemic as soon as possible . After the wind and rain, there is a rainbow , The friendship between the Chinese and Indian people is strong . Reach out and help , Save the people in the water .

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