2021-04-29 03:11:52  作者:Photography


Sometimes I suddenly sigh that four years have passed These four years have been very ordinary There's no result of taking the hand at all But after the last chat with a friend I think it should have grown a lot

Recently, the school suddenly under a new student reading points to full 15 The graduation papers All of a sudden, the library is busy Borrowing books seems to empty the library The cultural atmosphere dominated by formalism It's kind of boring


And now it's out of date But happy world book day I wish I could read more books in the future More in-depth understanding of some of their favorite books

Keep reading Keep learning

Finally, I recommend some books I like

  1. Sheepskin roll

  1. You should fly to your mountain like a bird

  1. The road to wealth and freedom ( There are three )

  1. The mountains sing back ( And the same author below )

  1. The kite runner

  1. Genius is on the left The madman is on the right

  1. There is a canteen by the cloud

  1. One hundred years of solitude

  1. The Da Vinci Code

  1. Our sky

  1. The daughter of time