Do you believe that there is a real love between anchor and fans?

2021-04-29 01:01:17  作者:Photography

From before My cousin is addicted to live broadcast , Just started watching people live , Later, I went to open a live broadcast , At first I was quite against her , It's not that the live broadcast is bad , I know that some college students make money by live broadcasting , But my cousin is not trying to make money , She thought it was fun , Every day someone plays with her in the studio , She likes this kind of life very much

Half a year later, an unexpected guest came to the studio , He likes my cousin singing for him very much , In fact, my cousin's singing is not very nice , But it's not that bad , Every time she sings in her studio, fans run through it , Only he brushes gifts to support my cousin , She has a beautiful voice , Slowly my cousin noticed him , Later, every time he would ask my cousin to learn , Learn how to give gifts , So we got along for a while , They haven't met , But it's been established as a boyfriend and girlfriend , There's a phone call every night to keep contact , Almost all my cousin's criteria for choosing a mate are in him , Love running , Love reading , Playing games has a certain degree Drinking is good , Every night I would call to coax my cousin to sleep , Tell a story to sleep , Sometimes singing makes you sleep

Most of the time my cousin told me to show off She has found the son of heaven , In love , The other side also said that they would come from the north to live with my cousin in the south , But when cousin agreed , Every time you say it, you don't come , He's just a year older than his cousin , If love comes and doesn't come , Later, my cousin even asked him to come , Said the 8 For 15 years , I didn't come either , Said the national day did not come . Because it's a list of things My sister also quarreled with him several times , I used to remind my cousin , other party Is there a family already , But the woman who is dazed by love can't get ten cows back .

ask : If a man has a family , Can he call in the early morning to get girls to sleep ? Mainly because my cousin called him at three in the morning , He would press it and call back , Tell him you can't sleep , He immediately told her a story to get her to sleep , And is not wild goose its vexed coax

Now may day is coming , But it's estimated that the plane will fly again , Such a man seems to have a family ? If there's no family like that . What can we do in the future